Dan Kildee, Flint, Podcast — April 10, 2017 at 1:26 am

Episode 27 – The #FlintWaterCrisis isn’t just about water and it’s worse than you thought wsg Rep. Dan Kildee & Melissa Mays


The show notes for Episode 27 are at http://www.eclectablog.com/2017/04/the-flintwatercrisis-isnt-just-about-water-and-its-worse-than-you-though-wsg-rep-dankildee-flintgate.html

Congressman Dan Kildee on Twitter: @RepDanKildee

Melissa Mays on Twitter: @FlintGate

Website: Water You Fighting For?

Intro and Outro music: Zoolookologie by Jean-Michel Jarre from the album Zoolook.

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  • TeacherPattiS

    Thank you SO much for asking my questions! My character in the book is an outsider (has to run away from Detroit and ends up in foster care in Flint) and ends up going through some horrible schools before landing in a room for kids affected by lead poisoning. She clearly does not belong there and is like, “Uh, what now? Lead poisoning!? That’s old timey shit!” So she starts looking into things on her own (while trying to improve reading, falling in love [natch] and missing her family back in Detroit). There aren’t many answers for her, but she gets mad and because she’s 16 she’s all, “I’m going to save you all!” :) Maybe she will! I haven’t written that book yet.

    • TeacherPattiS

      I’m starting to shop book around now but not hopeful. Editors/agents like to profess that they want diversity in their stories, but it has not been my experience that they will *take* those books. Or maybe I’m a really shitty writer? Who knows?

  • Susan Dailey

    Excellent interviews. Kildee, thoughtful, in depth, well informed and tough. And well, Melissa, what a fireball. Glad she is on the job and I would advise everyone to get the h out of her way and and let her work.