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Let the Poems Fall Where they May


It’s been a bit difficult for me to blog these past few weeks with everything going on in the world. Fortunately, the poet in me has regained her inspiration to create.

April is one of my favorite months of the year. It’s a month that encourages me to celebrate poetry every day. It’s a month where poetry isn’t just an add-on, or an afterthought. April is a month where bravery meets creativity, joy meets comedy, and love meets pain.

Whether you’re a veteran poet, or someone who has always wanted to write, join thousands of poets worldwide and write what’s on your mind. I’ll share a few poems and a Haiku of my own to give you a little creative push.

John Deere is to lawns
what Dear John is to break-ups
both seek greener grass

Even on my longest days, I find myself inspired to write at least one poem per day during National Poetry Writing Month. There is something about joining poets all across the globe who take to social media to share their daily poems under the hashtag #NaPoWriMo. It’s a powerful show of poetic solidarity. It’s also a way to create a brave space online.

he left trauma underneath my skin
a stench so deep
my psyche
smells him in my sleep

Poems come in various styles and various subjects. They can be short poems. They can be long poems. They can rhyme or not rhyme. There are many different types of poems. This article lists 55 of them. Some of my favorites like, abecedarian, alliteration and nocturne poems aren’t listed, but this is a great start for anyone looking to try out various styles.

fractured wings
broken beaks
we keep riding
sleepless nights for the birds
who fall victim to tires
devoured in city streets
unworthy commodities
they perish without reason
road kill
buried in potholes
another human-made disaster
listen for their cries
before they disappear from the sky

For those who want to come out for some real life poetry this month, join us for the Motor Signal/Power of the Press Fest Opening Night at Signal Return on April 5th!

we carry boulders on our shoulders
when we fail to tune in
skip the mole hill for the mountain
cause we playing to win
but when ego is the strategy
and the team is secondary
the mind becomes the coal mine
the individual the canary

I hope I’ve offered you a bit of inspiration to carry you through April. I hope to see you online or on the poetry scene soon.

In love and struggle,