healthcare, Paul Ryan, Politics — March 14, 2017 at 2:43 pm

What’s “choice” got to do with it, Paul Ryan?


Paul Ryan wants persons to have the “choice” to not purchase health insurance.

Hey, why so timid, Paul? Let’s go Full Monty on this choice stuff, Mr. Speaker.

Let’s give persons the “choice” to not purchase auto insurance; I’m sure there won’t be any issues with folks getting into car accidents and just refusing to pay for the damage they do to someone else’s car–or worse.

Let’s also give folks the “choice” to not purchase mortgage insurance; I can’t imagine the banks you conservatives love so much will have any problems with that. Unsecured loans are their favorite.

Let’s get rid of all food and drug regulations–as you’ve been dreaming of–so we can all have the “choice” to play Russian roulette every time we go to the grocery store or out for dinner.
While we’re at it, let’s get rid of the EPA–it seems like that’s part of your party’s fever dream, too. What could possibly go wrong if we eliminate the federal guidelines protecting our water supply–I mean, Flint was just an accident, right? It had nothing to do with a Republican-appointed City Manager making terrible decisions, right?

And let’s just go whole hog with that school “choice” idea all you Republicans seem to think is such a wonderful idea. Just give every family an Education Debit Card with $4000 on it and see how far they get in educating their kid. That money should last until about the middle of October–or sooner if your kid wants to take music lessons, or play a sport. But hey, it’s not like you’ll ever have to listen to any complaints from angry parents anyway–you guys don’t even hold your Town Hall meetings anymore.

C’mon, Paul–don’t be a coward. Let’s go all in with “choice.” After all, “competition and choice” are your only improvement strategies, so let’s go for it.

What a wonderful world it will be when the Emergency Rooms at our hospitals and clinics are jammed with all of those who “chose” not to buy health insurance, and the premiums for those of us who were foolish enough to be responsible and purchase insurance skyrocket.

Thank you for not forcing our fellow citizens to have adequate, accessible health care coverage “jammed down their throats,” as is the case in every other developed nation in the world. Those poor suckers don’t know how bad they have it, because…Freedom!

Except with women’s right to “choose” what they do with their own bodies. I mean, let’s not get crazy! Am I right?!?!? (fist bump) After all: We’re still Republicans!