Michigan, Michigan Republicans, Republican-Fail, Taxes — January 8, 2017 at 2:57 pm

Michigan Republican Senator preps bill to blow $9 BILLION hole in state budget


In a state facing massive infrastructure problems from roads that have gone unrepaired for years to a city poisoned by lead that needs tens of thousands of lead water service lines replaced, one Republican Senator has a plan: pass a law ending our state income tax, a move that will blow a $9 BILLION hole in our state budget:

Senate Republicans are looking at a proposal that would repeal Michigan’s 4.25% income tax, leaving a $9-billion hole in the state’s general fund budget.

State Sen. Jack Brandenburg, R-Harrison Township, said the bill he intends to introduce next week when the Legislature reconvenes will be the starting point of a conversation on how to provide tax breaks for individuals in the state. […]

He doesn’t have a plan for how to replace the revenue that would be lost if the tax is repealed, but wants to form a work group to look at the proposal.

Former Koch brothers shill Scott Hagerstrom who ran Michigan Americans for Prosperity and is running to head the Michigan Republican Party thinks that’s a fine idea. “Sen. Jack Brandenburg is on the right track,” he told the Detroit Free Press.

If you think you’ve been trickled on by Republican economics over the past seven years, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet if this bill were to become law.

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