Michigan Democrats — January 13, 2017 at 1:23 pm

Michigan House Dems choose Adam Zemke as caucus Chair, Jeremy Moss as caucus Whip


Michigan House Dems have chosen their leadership and have made two VERY solid choices in my opinion. First, they picked Ann Arbor-area Representative Adam Zemke from the 55th House District to be the caucus Chair. As someone who has watched Adam in action, I think he’s going to bring very exciting energy and new ideas to the House Dems. He’s an indefatigable campaigner and is bursting with ideas about how Democrats can begin to chip away at the Republican dominance they enjoy thanks largely to gerrymandering done in 2000 and 2010.

“In a time when it may seem that there is more that divides us than unites us, I am ready to bring the House Democratic Caucus together to remember why it is we all came to Lansing in the first place,” Zemke said in a statement released last night. “Michigan’s working families, seniors and students depend on us to provide better paying jobs, to maintain the stability of their retirement and to improve the affordability of their education. I look forward to uniting the caucus in these next two years to fight as one for Michiganders everywhere.”

In addition to Rep. Zemke, they chose Representative Jeremy Moss from Michigan’s 35th House District to be caucus Whip. Moss is another terrific choice, a young lawmaker who will also bring energy and new ideas to the table. He issued a statement, as well, saying, “I am extremely honored that my Democratic colleagues in the House chose me to serve as their Caucus Whip for this legislative session. The next two years presents many unknown factors as a result of new Republican leadership in the Michigan House of Representatives that will push an agenda that is more conservative and is out-of-touch with most people in Michigan. I’ll be seeking opportunities to bring our caucus together on bipartisan policies that will hold our government accountable, while steadfastly advocating for progressive causes that will have a meaningful impact on the lives of Michigan residents.”

The two join East Lansing Representative Sam Singh, the House Democratic Leader, and Christine Greig, the House Democratic Floor Leader, as the new face of leadership for Michigan House Democrats. Godspeed to all of them and a hearty congratulations from everyone here at Eclectablog.