2016, Donald Trump, Michigan Republicans, Tea Party — June 20, 2016 at 12:06 pm

To the tea party activists who blew up the Republican Party, welcome to your worst nightmare: President Hillary Clinton


The Detroit News recently published an article highlighting two Michigan tea party activists who are working on a “Dump Trump” campaign to deny Donald J. Trump the Republican nomination for president by changing the rules of the Republican convention.

One of them is Wendy Day, a Howell-based tea partier who is best known, at least to me, as the woman claimed, after failing to derail the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) in Michigan with a ballot initiative petition drve, that “We didn’t fail. We just didn’t succeed enough.”

Day has a long history of failures. She was elected to the Howell Board of Education while she was homeschooling her own kids. She was busted for blogging about the school board during meetings, supported efforts to have others on the Board recalled, and was widely reviled for her efforts to throw sand in the gears of a school system. In 2014, Day ran for State Representative with the support of the Koch brothers front group Americans For Prosperity but never made it past the GOP primary. Last June, the campaign of Texas tea party Senator Ted Cruz picked her to head up his campaign in Michigan, a campaign that fizzled out by late spring of this year.

The Republican Party is in a deep hole right now and it’s largely because it’s been taken over by tea party types like Wendy Day. Major party leaders are actively not supporting their presidential nominee, something few of us have EVER seen before. Reasonable Republicans, to the extent that they even exist any longer, have no chance of rising to upper levels of the party. So Republicans are left with extremist aberrations like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

This, then, is the ultimate outcome from the tea party takeover of the Republican Party by people like Wendy Day. She contributed to Trump’s ascent by blowing up the party and is now upset that it’s not her own candidate Ted Cruz who was the victor.

Cry me a river, Ms. Day.

And welcome to your worst nightmare: President Hillary Clinton.