Michigan, Rick Snyder — November 23, 2015 at 12:30 pm

Obama admin sent letters of reassurance to GOP governors. NOW will Gov. Snyder reverse himself on accepting Syrian refugees?


As LOLGOP wrote about Friday, Gov. Rick Snyder, who was the first governor in the USA to say he wouldn’t allow Syrian refugees to come to our state, said he wants a “pause” in providing a safe harbor for the refugees until “an appropriate review” can be done to ensure our screening processes are adequate. When NPR correspondent Steve Inskeep asked him what problems he has with our current process, he was unable to name even one.

Inskeep then asked him what it would take for him to reverse his stance. Here is his response:

I really wanted [the federal government] to come back and say, you know, ‘We have now made a review of these at least three situations’ and believe their current system is acceptable or not or that they’re making some modifications

You can listen to the entire interview here:

As it turns out, the Obama administration has now given Gov. Snyder the reassurance that he’s asking for. Secretary of State John Kerry and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson sent 5-page letters to all of our country’s governors outlining the state of our current system. “[T]he security vetting for this population — the most vulnerable of individuals — is extraordinarily thorough and comprehensive,” they wrote. In the letters, they outline the rigorous process refugees must go through before being allowed to enter the USA. “With these measures in place,” they assure Gov. Snyder and the other governors, “We believe that we are able to both protect the American people and maintain this nation’s long-standing position as the world’s beacon of hope and freedom.”

You can read examples of the letter HERE and HERE.

So, now that Gov. Snyder has been given the reassurance that he needs, will he reverse his position? Time will tell but, given what a crassly political move this was, one that suggests he’s angling for a cabinet position in a potential future Republican presidential administration, I’m not holding my breath. It’s clear that his political ambitions are driving this because this anti-immigrant position is very much out of character for Gov. Snyder. However, if he wants to further his political career with the current batch of frontrunners – Donald Trump who wants to create a database of Muslims in America that harkens back to Germany under the Nazis, Ben Carson who compared the Syrian refugees to “rabid dogs”, or Ted Cruz who wants to allow only Christians in, effectively creating a religious litmus test – he’s got to be seen as fearful and xenophobic as possible.

Mission accomplished, Governor Snyder. Mission accomplished.