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Donate to Lady Parts Justice League on #GivingTuesday and help them score extra cash


Help LPJ League win a $25,000 prize for gathering the most donations on December 1st.

Giving is always good, and the #GivingTuesday tradition on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving is a great reminder that there are organizations out there that rely on charitable contributions to do their work.

There’s no shortage of worthy organizations and I hope folks will give whatever they can to as many as they can.

But there’s one cause I hope you’ll be sure to support this year. Lady Parts Justice League is asking for your donation on #GivingTuesday, December 1, to help them win an extra $25,000 from CrowdRise.

It’s really simple. If Lady Parts Justice League raises the most money on December 1, they take home the extra cash — which would go a very long way in helping this fledgling organization fulfill their mission, which is more important than ever in the wake of the shooting at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic.

Over at their website, Lady Parts Justice League offers five reasons you should join the Lady Parts Justice League — which includes helping them raise funds:

1. Because you wanna incorporate fighting for women & justice into your daily life– laughing & drinking while doing it.

2. Because you want to work towards shattering the stigma surrounding abortion and remind people that access to abortion puts women in control of their own bodies and destinies.

3. Because you believe the best reason to have an abortion is that YOU have decided to have an abortion.

4. Because you want to join us in supporting and celebrating abortion clinic workers and doctors–because they deserve to be championed.

5. Because you want to commit to speaking out against haters and extremists who can’t seem to understand that women are autonomous and capable of making medical decisions on their own.

Although it’s a hilarious creation of comedian and writer Lizz Winstead — who also co-founded Lady Parts Justice — Lady Parts Justice League takes some serious action. And taking action requires funding.

For example, when anti-choicers spread vicious lies, Lady Parts Justice League blasts the perpetrators dispensing damaging information about abortion, crisis pregnancy centers and birth control. They also take down those who shame and stigmatize women for wanting, having and demanding safe and healthy sex lives on their own terms — and they do it within hours, if not minutes.

Lady Parts Justice League also travels around the country, bringing together comedians, artists and reproductive rights activists to form their own local leagues — working with them to create fun and outrageous ways to expose the hometown extremists who are fighting against everything from access to sex education to shaming women for daring to demand justice for rape or equal pay for equal work.

Reproductive justice is under attack, and we need organizations like Lady Parts Justice League who will educate people on the facts — and do it with style and humor.

It could not be easier to donate. Just visit Lady Parts Justice League’s CrowdRise donation page on December 1 to make your donation. You can also learn more there about the work Lady Parts Justice League does.

It’s important to make your donation on December 1 / #GivingTuesday — only donations made that day will count toward the number of contributions needed to win the big prize!

After you donate, you’ll be given a chance to tell all your friends — and be sure to do it! Reaching out to your friends and family is one of the most effective ways to raise funds on CrowdRise.

Remember: You must make your donation on December 1 — #GivingTuesday — to help Lady Parts Justice League win the $25,000 prize. Just imagine all the additional good they could do with those funds.

[LPJL images courtesy of Lady Parts Justice League on Facebook.]