16 hours of testimony in front of Republican tribunals proves the war on powerful liberal women is real


On September 29th, conservative Republicans in Congress spent over five hours interrogating and badgering Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards over selectively edited video that distorts the truth about what Planned Parenthood does. Despite being treated shabbily by the men on the committee she testified before, often interrupted and prevented from answering questions, she handled it with finesse and aplomb.

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton endured over ELEVEN HOURS of interrogation and badgering by another set of conservative Republicans in Congress. She, too, handled it with finesse and aplomb, often laughing at the ridiculous questions she was asked like this one from Republican Rep. Martha Roby from Alabama that seems to suggest she thinks that Ms. Clinton enjoys late-night booty calls:


If you needed any further evidence that the war on powerful liberal women is real, these 16 hours of disrespect of Clinton and Richards are it. Their ulterior motives – to shut down Planned Parenthood and to destroy the political ambitions of Hillary Clinton – are no longer even questionable. The Benghazi Committee chair Trey Gowdy repeatedly has said his “select committee” is simply investigating what happened at the embassy in Benghazi, Libya but it’s become clear as water that his actual motive is to bring down Clinton. He even redacted information in some of the emails from Clinton’s email servers released by the committee that wasn’t actually classified to erroneously give the impression that she was emailing classified information using her personal email system.

It’s worth noting that Democrat Elijah Cummings was a rock star ally in both hearings. He called BS on both witch hunts, exposing them for the raw political moves that they were and vociferously defending both women using facts and strong words. He may have been the only member of Congress to have endured the entire sixteen hours of Republican grandstanding and he was unwavering in his support for these two powerful women.

My friend Laura Packard put it best, I think:

You know what would be a good use of taxpayer dollars? 10+ hour hearing on Umpqua Sandy Hook Charleston gun violence. #BenghaziCommittee

Posted by Laura Packard on Thursday, October 22, 2015


Adding… If my Facebook feed – which has at least as many if not more Sanders supporters as it does Clinton supporters – is any indication, Hillary Clinton assuaged the fears of many Sanders supporters and proved that she’s a terrific and well-qualified presidential candidate. If Republicans thought they were going to destroy her support with this 13th hearing on Benghazi, they are sorely mistaken. Clinton supporters solidified their position that she’s the best Democratic candidate and Sanders supporters largely seemed to agree that she killed it and looked absolutely presidential. As one person put it, “Anyone with the patience, intestinal fortitude and grace to not climb over that table and slap these morons after 10 hours of this BS can handle anything the world can throw at us.”

Republicans gave Clinton an enormous amount of positive (and FREE!) publicity while making themselves look petty and crassly political and partisan. The fact that they have wasted tens of millions of our tax dollars persecuting these two powerful liberal women only served to confirm that they are little more than a bunch of playground bullies. Hillary Clinton beat them at their own game and everybody knows it.