Guess which Michigan candidates had 6,000+ people rally for them yesterday. HINT: it wasn’t the Republicans.


While Michigan Republican Party chair Bobby Schostak, the man behind “The Worst Campaign Ad That Human Beings Actually Paid for This Year”, tells anyone who will listen that President Obama’s visit to Michigan yesterday is going to harm the election chances of Mark Schauer, Gary Peters, and all of our Democratic candidates, over 6,000 people showed up to see him speak last night and to rally for our candidates. Hundreds of others were turned away. My friend Mary wrote this on my Facebook page:

First time in my life I was more than happy to spend over an hour out in the cold to stand in a very long line only to be turned away with hundreds of other very energized voters. In short, my bones are now screaming VICTORY!!

Here are some images from the Facebook pages of Mark Schauer and the Michigan Democratic Party:

By contrast, here was the “big” bus tour featuring every single candidate on the top of the Republican ticket – Gov. Snyder, Lt. Gov. Brian Calley, Terri Lynn What’s-Her-Name, Attorney General Bill Schuette, and Secretary of State Ruth Johnson (also from their Facebook pages):

This lack of enthusiasm in Republicans is likely why Gov. Snyder has purchased massive overlay ads on the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press websites this morning. They are the most intrusive ads I have ever seen on either site, even swamping out the massive ad buy by for-profit charter schools earlier in the year.

Unfortunately for them, you can’t buy the kind of enthusiasm that our Democrat candidates are enjoying and, despite Bobby Schostak’s absurd statement that “Mark Schauer should apologize to the people of Detroit for allowing President Obama to come in”, our voters are fired up and proud of our president and energized about our candidates.

If Schostak thinks that President Obama is here to convince Republicans to vote for Democrats, he is simply demonstrating once again what an incompetent political lightweight novice he is. This election is all about turnout and turnout is directly tied to voter enthusiasm.

Look at those photos again. You tell ME which Party has the enthusiasm.