Gary Peters, Mark Schauer, Polls, Rick Snyder, Terri Lynn Land — October 21, 2014 at 7:31 pm

UPDATED: New Progress Michigan poll has Schauer up by 3, Republican pollster has Snyder up by 2. Need any more reason to GOTV?


See update below.

If you are sitting around wondering if it’s worth your while to get involved in the massive Get Out the Vote (GOTMFV) effort in the last two weeks of this election, two polls out this week should give you the nudge that you need.

First we have a poll by Republican pollster Mitchell Research & Communication that shows Gov. Snyder ahead by a scant 2 points with a margin of error of 3.23%. In other words, a statistical dead heat. And that’s a Republican pollster’s numbers. By the way, that same poll has Gary Peters with an 13 point lead while what’s-her-name has resorted to tweeting about how well she ran “the DMV” in Michigan even though there’s no such thing as a Michigan DMV.

Second, we have a poll out by Progress Michigan which has Schauer up by 3 points, 44-41 (margin of error is 3.05%.)

That same poll has Peters up over what’s-her-name by 15 points (zoinks!) and Mark Totten tied with Republican Bill Schuette, 38-38, with almost a quarter of respondents undecided.

It’s time to get serious about this election folks. If you aren’t knocking doors or making calls, we need you to change that and get involved. Then, once the election is over, no matter what the results are you can at least have the satisfaction of knowing you did what you could to help.

Be that person. Be the activist that helps Democrats win elections. You’ll be very glad that you did.

UPDATED: After I published this, I noticed a third poll, done by EPIC-MRA. This one stretches the boundaries of credulity. It has Snyder up over Schauer by 8 points, a total outlier among all of the recent polls. The thing that seriously calls this poll into question is that it has Snyder with a lead among women, 42-39. Less than two months ago, EPIC-MRA had Schauer up with women a whopping 52-37, a swing of an unbelievable 18 points. Had some major scandal with women enveloped the Schauer campaign during that time, I might believe this poll. That, however, has not happened and Democratic women are fully engaged and touring the state on behalf of Schauer with their “Enough is Enough” tour. No matter what the outcome of this election, this poll will be pointed to as an huge anomaly after it’s all over and Bernie Porn will need to spend some time regaining his credibility.

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