Gary Peters, Mark Schauer, Polls, Rick Snyder, Terri Lynn Land — October 23, 2014 at 8:19 pm

New PPP poll has Peters up by 14 points over what’s-her-name and Schauer tied 48-48 with Snyder


Photo by Anne C. Savage, special to Eclectablog

I always look forward to Public Policy Polling (PPP) polls because they are one of the most accurate pollsters in the country. They have a new poll out, done for the League of Conservation Voters, that has some very good news for Democrats.

First, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate is crushing his opponent Terri Lynn something-or-other by a full 14 points, 39-53. Over half the people in the poll had an unfavorable opinion of Land, including over a fifth of Republicans. However, climate change deniers seem to really like her. When asked if Land’s statement that she doesn’t think humans are causing climate change, 14% said that would make them more likely to vote for her. She’s finally found her constituency.

The governor’s race is the big news, however. The last time PPP polled this race, back in August, Snyder was up by one point with nine percent undecided. This time, there were only 4% undecided and the race is a tie at 48-48.

If you think GOTV is something other people should be doing, then think again if you care about the outcome of this election. The governor’s race will be decided by which party gets its people to the polls and Democrats have a long history of not showing up on Election Day in midterm elections. As I told Tony Trupiano today, “Measure everything you do between now and 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, November 4th using the “does this get Democrats elected?” yardstick.” That’s what I am doing and I truly hope you are too.

PRO TIP: Knocking doors is the single most effective way to motivate voters. For every ten people you contact, you’ll get one more Democratic voter to the polls. So double your vote. Triple your vote. Multiply your vote over the next 12 days by getting out the vote.

C’mon, people. We can do this.