Corporatism, Labor, Michigan Democrats — October 8, 2014 at 12:34 pm

Koch brothers on the attack against Eric Schertzing in MI-08


The uber-wealthy Koch brothers are no fans of organized labor. Nothing stands in the way of their massive accumulation of wealth quite like workers who want a fair wage, good benefits, and a safe work environment. By funding myriad different groups, they work diligently to stamp out workers’ rights wherever and however they can.

One of the groups they fund is the National Right to Work Committee (NRTWC), a front group for anti-worker corporatists working to spread right to work laws throughout the country. This Koch-funded group is now on the attack in Michigan. Their target is Eric Schertzing, Democratic candidate for Michigan’s 8th Congressional District (read my interview with Schertzing HERE.)

NRTWC sent Schertzing and his opponent Republican Mike Biship a questionnaire designed to show how pro-worker or anti-worker the two candidates are. Schertzing smartly tossed the questionnaire in the garbage and Bishop, of course, responded to the questions like any Koch brother candidate is expected to.

NRTWC then sent out a pro-Bishop letter to its supporters disguised as an “issue-based” mailing. The mailing, however, is clearly nothing more than a hit piece on Schertzing despite the fact that they claim in a “NOTE” at the bottom of the letter that they, “of course”, do not endorse candidates.

Yeah, right.

Here are the questions:

Here is the cover letter which mentions both Bishop and Schertzing by name:

The final page of the letter asks the respondent to mail an enclosed postcard to Schertzing admonishing him for his “forced-unionism” ways:

And, finally, the obligatory “give us all yer moneys” pitch, once again asking the person to email a hategram to Schertzing:

Eric Schertzing’s most recent poll numbers show the race is a dead heat which clearly has the Koch brothers worried.

When you have the Koch brothers on the attack, you know you’re doing something right.

[Schertzing photo by Anne C. Savage]