AFTERNOON GRAB BAG: Eric Schertzing making it competitive in MI-08, DGA releases new ad going after Rick Snyder


Ingham County Treasurer Eric Schertzing released an internal poll today showing him within striking distance of Republican Mike Bishop. Schertzing is down just 5 points, 42-37, in a poll with a 4.9 point margin of error. In the same poll, when respondents were read “a balanced series of positive messages about both candidates”, the two are tied at 43-43.

This is a race that deserves more attention than it’s getting (which is why I’ll be posting an interview with Schertzing next week.)

In other MI-08 news, Schertzing and Bishop were supposed to debate at a Livingston County forum tonight but Bishop pulled out at the last minute today so no debate.

The whole debate stuff starting to be “a thing” with Michigan Republicans, isn’t it?

A new poll out by PPP (one of the more reputable polling groups) shows that Gary Peters is maintaining his lead over Terri Lynn “Take away health insurance from hundreds of thousands of Michiganders” Land, this time crushing her by 7 points (margin of error 3.4%.) In the same poll, Schauer and Snyder remain in a statistical dead heat with Snyder up by a scant 2 points.

Magellan Strategies also released poll numbers on our U.S. Senate race. In their poll, Peters is up by 5 points (margin of error 3.66%.) Most interesting to me is how far Land is underwater in her favorable/unfavorable ratings and with whom. Her unfavorables are 8 points higher than her favorables with all voters. With women, it’s an astonishing 14-point deficit. I guess that “REALLY?” ad really tanked with women. And I do mean really.

Meanwhile, Terri Lynn Land is touting a new Rasmussen poll that has her down by only 2 points, inside the 4-point margin of error. They’ve also comically moved the race from “Leans Democrat” back to a “Toss-Up.”


This poll is very much an outlier which isn’t at all surprising since it is, after all, Rassmussen. But, if it makes her happy, we’ll give her this one. We have all those dozens of others to enjoy.


“Frugal”. Best political ad of the season, so far. Just watch it:

The Democratic Governors Association is back up with another new ad attacking Rick Snyder’s record. In this one, Jeanette Pizzo of Lansing narrates a letter saying that it’s not fair that Snyder raised her taxes while his relatives and cronies benefit from his benevolence:

Dear Governor Snyder, You said you wouldn’t raise taxes on our retirement. But you did anyway. We were counting on that income.

You raised seniors’ property taxes, too.

But you gave your administration officials huge pay raises. And your own cousin got millions in state furniture contracts.

I just wanted to say … that doesn’t seem very fair to me.

Jeanette Pizzo
Lansing, Michigan.

In conjunction with the ad, the DGA has also started a new website called where “other middle-class Michiganders like Jeanette [can] share their stories about how they’ve been left out and left behind by a Republican governor who always looks out for the wealthiest instead of them.”

DGA Communications Director Danny Kanner explains the site:

Governor Snyder lied to seniors by raising their retirement and property taxes all to give his administration’s officials pay increases. That may work for Snyder’s pals and the well-connected, but it sure doesn’t for Michigan seniors who have worked hard for their income. Mark Schauer believes we need to reverse the Snyder retirement tax and build a Michigan economy that works for the middle class, not just those at the very top.

Hallelujah! It looks like we’re going to have both a gubernatorial AND a Senate debate, after all. Just a few days after Terri Lynn Land, who has been cramming Sarah Palin-style, announced that she has finally gotten around to agreeing to debate Gary Peters, Rick Snyder jumped on the bandwagon, too!

Republican Gov. Rick Snyder and Democratic challenger Mark Schauer will face off in a forum on live on TV in advance of the Nov. 4 election under a “town hall” format, Detroit Public Television announced Monday.

The Oct. 12 forum in Detroit will be held in front of a live audience of “undecided” voters identified by pollsters for the Free Press and The Detroit News.

Stephen Henderson, the editorial page editor of the Free Press, and Nolan Finley, the editorial page editor of The Detroit News, are to moderate the one-hour event. The site of the 6 p.m. town hall, which is to feature a relatively unrestricted format, has yet to be determined.

Schauer wants more than one, of course but he may have to take what he can get. Rick Snyder may SAY he’s “tough” but, when push comes to shove, he’s terrified, probably because he won’t be able to digitally manipulate his voice to sound lower than it really is like he has in his latest ads.


Failed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has already been to Michigan this year to endorse David Trott (twice.) He’s coming back again on October 2nd for what the Michigan Republican Party is calling the “CoMitt to the Comeback Rally”.

No, seriously. I’m not joking. They’re really calling it that.

The rally will feature appearances by MRP Chair Bobby “Gov. William Milliken is irrelevant” Schostak and Terri Lynn “I contributed $3 million to my own campaign” Land along with “the Rest of Our Comeback Team!”:

Well, ALMOST the “rest of their Comeback Team”. Rick Snyder won’t be there.

Wait. Maybe he’s not actually on their “Comeback Team”? See, guys? I TOLD you so.

The website The Hill has listed the race in Michigan’s 11th Congressional District as one of “Five sleeper races to watch in the House”. The race pits former State Department official Bobby McKenzie, a Democrat, against Republican Foreclosure King David “We need to shut down the Education Department” Trott.

National Democrats insisted for months that they thought businessman Dave Trott (R) would be vulnerable if he beat quixotic Rep. Kerry Bentivolio (R-Mich.) in a primary because of his background as a foreclosure specialist, but few took them seriously.

After Trott did just that that, a poll from the Democratic nominee, former State Department official Bobby McKenzie, showed the race within the margin of error. Democrats also have more than $1 million reserved in the Detroit media market that could be used to make a late charge.

They also point out that Kerry Bentovolio is considering running as a write-in which could definitely put McKenzie in the lead. If you’re a religious person, this is one of those times when a bit of prayer to encourage Bentivolio wouldn’t hurt if your deity isn’t too busy determining who will win this weekend’s college football match up.

Read my interview with Bobby McKenzie HERE.

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  • Laurie Tata

    Really like the Grab-Bag format!

  • Happy

    Amazing how people think that a governor raises property taxes…..look to your city, township/county where it actually happens. If you file a Michigan tax return you will likely get a good portion of the tax paid in on your retirement back in a refund check. If not it is because you are in a pretty high tax bracket due to a “larger than most” retiree income! Tax breaks given to companies create jobs….jobs have been lost because of Michigan’s high tax on businesses. I don’t care who is in office they can’t perform miracles….we are not going to get out of this mess overnight; it takes time.

    • This is utter BS. And, by the way, the whole trickle down economic model you describe, what George H.W. Bush called “Voodoo Economics”, has been proven time and again not to create jobs or improve the economy. It simply enriches the already wealthy. If you need proof, you need only look as far as the the state of Michigan which still has the fifth highest unemployment rate in the country, just where we were when Rick Snyder came into office. It. Does. Not. Work.

      • Happy

        Then why have Michigan companies moved south where their business tax is lower? I have a cousin who was in business in Michigan and left because of all the tax. BTW he left when a Democrat was in office….as I stated we won’t get out of the mess overnight and I don’t care who or what political affiliation; it takes time. File the ads under “utter __”.

        • judyms9

          Except for the auto industry and a few others, there’s not much happening in Michigan, so our newly educated and talented young are moving toward the coasts. Tourism is way down because wages are down so people are staying at home. The two-tier wage system in the auto industry has kept the younger workers at home as well. If you were 22 again, would you stay in Michigan to make your future?

          • Happy

            I am not sure Judy if you were meaning to reply to me or to Eclectablog….but….my point is that small businesses are leaving due to high business tax. Small companies….vacuum factory in Greenville….Frito Lay near Detroit…Johnson Control Co of America in Owosso and others that I can’t even remember except for the people being laid off or transferred. If the jobs had stayed the people would stay. I spoke with an entrepreneur in an office in Lansing who had taken his ideas overseas due to all the red tape here. I don’t know if that was federal red tape or state. Also, if the property taxes raise, they raise on all property not just on seniors… the ad states.

          • You need to get your facts straight. Electrolux left Greenville for MEXICO because they could pay their workers a pittance. It had nothing to do with the business tax. Frito Lay closed four plants, including one in Michigan, because it downsized and eliminated 530 jobs. It had nothing to do with the business tax. Johnson Controls closed plants around the world because of the implosion of the automotive sector during the Great Recession. They then sold their business off in 2013. None of this had anything to do with the business tax.

            It’s a good story you tell. Too bad it’s complete bullshit.

          • Happy

            Hmmm…Johnson Controls is in Kentucky. Perhaps another company. I see you have little to say about the property tax. Different story huh?

          • Happy

            Opps, my bad…..I see Johnson Control is still in MI and many other states….and countries. I can admit to being wrong…

            I have always believed that taxes….particularly business tax, caused companies to make cuts and/or changes such as moving to another state. If I am wrong…sorry. It appeared to me to be a thing of passing the cost on to the consumer and employee. If that isn’t the case then why are they moving out? Lack of qualified workers? I’m sure greed plays a part too. What about the property tax ads? If land taxes raise they raise for everyone who owns land, I’m sure it isn’t legal to pick and chose.

            BTW I don’t use profanity, abbreviated or otherwise…you don’t need to when replying to me.

          • BillW

            And if by “small companies,” you mean start-up companies, having run a startup here in Michigan I can tell you taxes had no meaningful effect on us. That’s utter BS.

          • Happy

            Apparently the taxes had an effect on my cousin because his was a start up company…did wonderfully in another state and has retired….perhaps depends on the business and number of employees etc…..

          • Kathi Geukes

            Electrolux was not a “vacuum” company…we straight up made refrigerators…I busted my ass on those lines too many years to be cast off as some small ass business…..we employed 2750 people…that’s NOT small……if your going to make idiotic comments…at least try getting the damn facts right first…then you can make your idiotic comments….:)

          • Kathi Geukes

            Oh and they moved south to get out of paying for bennies and holidays and actual work……so they could keep more of their profit…if that’s your idea of a good business model then don’t ever start one please…we don’t need your kind of “business” here….got enough…thanks anyway…:)

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