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AUDIO: Father of Michigan’s Emergency Manager law Al Pscholka convinced Rick Snyder is beloved in Detroit


Al Pscholka, Father of the Emergency Manager law, with Gov. Rick Snyder after the bill signing
When Public Act 4, Michigan’s amped-up Emergency Manager law, was signed into law in early 2011, it was immediately put to use in Benton Harbor. It was the first time the new version of the law, which allows the state to impose an unelected person in charge of an entire city and gives them the power to dismiss local elected officials, was used. Benton Harbor was “represented” in the state House by Al Pscholka and, as it turns out, Pscholka was the author of Public Act 4. If you’re wondering if Pscholka wrote the legislation specifically to deal with Benton Harbor, you’re not alone.

Since then, of course, the Emergency Manager law has been used to take over other cities, too, including our state’s largest city, Detroit.

Yesterday Al Pscholka was interviewed on WSJM-FM and in that interview, he he made the claim that Gov. Snyder is “doing very well” in Detroit:

It depends where you look. I mean, you’ve got to look at individual districts inside those poll results and, remember, those are statewide polls. When you look in southwest Michigan and, surprisingly to some, in Detroit Governor Snyder’s doing very well.

Personally, I think Al Pscholka needs to get out more and leave the west side of the state. It takes a special kind of denial and delusional thinking to believe that Rick Snyder is beloved by the citizens of Detroit.

Pscholka and most of his Republican colleagues are in safely gerrymandered districts so they don’t have to worry about appealing to people outside of their district. Rick Snyder and Terry Lynn Land and Ruth Johnson and Bill Schuette don’t enjoy that sort of safety.

I can tell you this: if you actually talk with people in Detroit, Rick Snyder is NOT beloved and he is most certainly NOT “doing very well” in the polls there. It’s safe to say Al Pscholka never has and never will have that particular conversation.