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AFTERNOON GRAB BAG: Pam Byrnes endorsed by U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce, Schauer tied with Snyder in yet another poll


Pam Byrnes, the Democratic candidate in Michigan’s 7th Congressional District received a key endorsement of her race to unseat Tea Party Caucus member Republican Tim Walberg. This morning was endorsed by the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce who call her “a champion of women’s economic priorities”.

Here’s the endorsement statement from Margot Dorfman, CEO of the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce:

Pam Byrnes understands Michigan needs a robust platform for the creation of quality jobs to support and rebuild our middle class. She is also a champion of women’s economic priorities, receiving a one-hundred percent rating from the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce. Pam Byrnes will bring accountability to Washington, eliminate government waste and boost job growth by rebuilding our transportation and infrastructure and growing advanced manufacturing and biosciences industries.”

Continuing the trend of statistical ties in polling of Michigan’s gubernatorial race, a We Ask America poll has them at 43 points each:

It should be noted that no first-term Michigan governor has lost a re-election bid in more than 100 years. Snyder, who some say waited too late in the game to hit the airwaves with his pro-business campaign messaging, seems to be banking on the fact that Mr. Schauer will run out of funds before this thing is all said and done. But blood in the water usually leads to increased contributions, so that may be a false hope.

To this point, all we know is this one is close…real close.

The poll has a margin of error of 3% and also has Gary Peters up over Terri Lynn Land by 3 points, a lower margin than most of the more recent polls showing Peters up by double digits.


An op-ed in today’s Toledo Blade is brutal in its characterization of the multitude of scandals rocking the administration of Gov. Rick Snyder. Here’s a taste:

A few months ago, it seemed likely that Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder would breeze to a second term in November…Recently, though, the Snyder administration has been rocked by scandals. […]

These events have evidently taken a toll. Even though Mr. Schauer has been outspent, polls now show him running even with or slightly ahead of Governor Snyder.

If Mr. Snyder expects Michigan voters to give him a second term, he would do well to apologize to them, and provide a full explanation of these missteps. He should also agree to televised debates with his rival, as his two predecessors did.

Mr. Snyder’s campaign says he has a brilliant record and nothing to hide. Michiganians deserve to hear the governor himself, questioned by journalists and by his challenger, to make his own case and defend his record before they vote.


Talk about two scandal-ridden peas in a pod:

The governor is slated to meet with voters during a campaign stop in Michigan as incumbent GOP Gov. Rick Snyder fights for reelection. Christie will touch down in Michigan on Sept. 26, a Christie official confirmed.

If Rick Snyder wants to put the word “scandal” behind him in the run-up to the election, I’m not sure bringing Chris Christie to town will help with that. Just sayin’…


When the Farm Bill passed recently, a change was made to how SNAP benefits – more commonly known as “food stamps” – are distributed. In the past, if a recipient received as little as $1 in home heating benefits from their state government, they qualified for a higher food benefit. The new bill requires the state to kick no less than $20. 46 states changed the way they do things to make up the difference.

Michigan is not one of them:

The Legislature did nothing to add money to the heating program to help soften the blow. And the Department of Human Services, which could have reallocated existing heating assistance funds, said the state didn’t want to “create a new loophole.”

Compassionate conservatism at its finest.

Now, some Michiganders who get food assistance will see their benefits shrink by $76 a month. According to U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines, that’s about 36 meals for a family of four, said Anne Schenk, vice president of advancement at Gleaners Community Food Bank. The USDA estimates that a family of four on a thrifty budget spends $131-$150 a week.

The maximum SNAP benefit for a family of four in the last year was $632.

So losing $76 will make a dent. […]

This is the new reality for Michigan’s poor — about 170,000 households that will see cuts. And it’s all thanks to state legislators who are running around the state campaigning for re-election right now.

Michigan is one of only four states that didn’t bother to fix this.

Gold said affected families can get help by calling the United Way’s 211 helpline. They should also be sure their children get free breakfast and lunch at school. If you qualify for SNAP, you automatically qualify for free and reduced-price lunch programs in public schools.

Other than that, Michigan families just have to hope legislators come to their senses and start doing their jobs on behalf of the state’s vulnerable families.

Can’t be pandering to our most impoverished Michiganders during an election year, right? Don’t want to be seen being compassionate to those “takers”. Besides, they don’t vote.

At least not for Republicans.