Proof of Terri Lynn Land’s lies about the source of her wealth continue to roll out


Chad Selweski of the Macomb Daily News has more revelations regarding Terri Lynn Land’s lies about the source of her immense wealth that has allowed her to dump millions of dollars of her own money into her increasingly failed campaign:

Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land’s claim that she is a small business owner, not part of the lucrative Land & Co. real estate conglomerate run by her husband, clashes with five Grand Rapids city inspectors’ reports from 2011-12 obtained by The Macomb Daily.

Each of the documents indicates the Southview Apartments complex that Land claims she owns and operates is, in fact, in the hands of the “registered owner” — her husband, Dan Hibma, and Land & Co. That contradicts Land’s narrative in recent weeks that she has no ties to the family business and should not be portrayed as one of the wealthiest Senate candidates in the nation.

The Grand Rapids city reports show that inspectors were communicating with Land & Co. as they addressed a series of tenant complaints about cockroaches, mice and bed bugs at the apartment complex from September 2011 to July 2012. […]

In her Senate race as the Republican nominee facing off with Democratic U.S. Rep. Gary Peters, Land has tried to distance herself from Land & Co., especially the firm’s decision to close down and demolish the Grand Rapids area mobile home park run by the Land family, including Terri Lynn….Land, who initially featured her role at the quaint trailer park as a young woman, insisted she played no prominent role in the family business once the full story became known.

At some point, all of these lies are going to catch with the Koch brothers candidate and voters are NOT going to elect an unqualified liar to the U.S. Senate.

Meanwhile, a complaint filed by the Michigan Democratic Party with Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson goes uninvestigated. However, Johnson, a Republican, jumped right on a frivolous complaint filed by the Michigan Republican Party that erroneously claims Democratic Lt. Governor candidate Lisa Brown has violated election laws by failing to form a campaign committee.

The two complaints were filed just three days apart yet Johnson has yet to launch an investigation into Land’s violations and lies.

Kevin McAlister, MDP Senior Communications Advisor, responds to Johnson’s purely partisan action and abuse of her office:

It’s pure politics when the Republican Secretary of State will pick up a frivolous and meritless complaint but won’t investigate one of their own in Terri Lynn Land for potentially lying about her business experience. As a former Secretary of State, Land enforced campaign finance laws but she still thinks she doesn’t have to play by the same rules as everyone else. The Secretary of State only seems invested in Republican party unity rather than holding all candidates accountable to the law. Michiganders deserve the truth about Terri Lynn Land’s secretive finances and business experience.

It’s disgusting.

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