Corporatism, Michigan, Michigan Republicans, Rick Snyder — July 22, 2014 at 7:00 pm

Michigan unemployment rate up, now 3rd highest in the country


NOW can we ask, “Where are the jobs”???

Back in February, Michigan had the 4th highest unemployment rate in the country.

Today, we have the 3rd highest at 7.5%. That’s up from last month, by the way.

In fact, only Mississippi and Rhode Island – who are tied for last place – and Nevada are higher. 46 states and the District of Columbia have lower unemployment rates.

I know the changes that Republicans have made to raise taxes on the middle class and on retirees and to slash school funding to give a huge tax break to corporations and the repeated laws kneecapping labor unions including making the birthplace of the modern labor movement a right to work for less state probably will take time to show results. But, honestly, it’s been over two years since most of this happened.

Shouldn’t we be seeing some sort of results by now?

This is a serious question. Where are the jobs, Governor Snyder? You said all of these new corporatist policies were going to super-charge our economy and have us roaring back like never before.

You either lied to us or, as many of us have said all along, you are just plain wrong. Or both.

My money is on both.

You keep talking about a “comeback” but Michigan had a 7.5% unemployment rate in March and, four months later, it’s still 7.5%. What part of that suggests “comeback”?

Hint: NO part of that suggests comeback. It suggests stagnation. The national average is 6.1%. Under your “leadership”, despite your happy-happy-joy-joy rhetoric, we remain below average.

And, to add insult to injury, Michigan ranks 39th based on how kids do on test scores with a full 25% of Michigan’s kids living in poverty.

On November 4th, you and your Republican colleagues will be held accountable. You can take that to the bank.