Bwahahahahaha, Labor — February 12, 2014 at 9:34 pm

Tennessee GOP threatens VW for allowing union to form so Virg Bernero invites them to Lansing


You know how Republicans are all about supporting “job creators”? It’s their reason for fighting any increases in the minimum wage, regulations that protect the environment or people, and a plethora of other things that Democrats fight FOR every day. Well, Republicans in Tennessee have made it clear that their adoration and idolization of “job creators” comes to a screeching halt the minute it benefits the workers who allow “job creators” to run their job creating businesses.

Volkswagen’s Tennessee plant is very likely to become a union shop with a vote this week and VW is cool with it. In fact, they are encouraging it. It’s one of only three VW plants globally that aren’t unionized. The other two are in China.

If the workers vote to join the UAW, “job creator” worshipping Republicans say they will take away the auto giant’s tax incentives.

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero is now inviting VW to relocate its plant to Lansing, Michigan.

I will send a letter to VW management today: We love cars and we love the UAW. VW is more than welcome here in Lansing, Michigan! Come to a real car town; leave Tennessee behind.

Bernero checked with GM which has a huge presence in Lansing and they were fine with it.

Will a new Volkswagen auto plant be the newest addition to Lansing? Republican lawmakers in Tennessee have threatened to take away VW’s tax incentives if the workers vote to join the UAW.

Lansing mayor Virg Bernero says Volkswagen can just pack up and come to Lansing. The capital city is ready to welcome more UAW workers anytime.

When he heard about Tennessee lawmakers threatening Volkswagen over a union vote, Bernero didn’t hesitate to insert himself into the argument.

“The legislature, the governor, they have the nerve threaten the support for expansion based on unionization? I was amazed by it…We’re a car town. We have no problem with the unions, and we welcome all manufacturers.”

Volkswagen plans to invest $7 billion dollars in North America to build mid-size SUVs. […]

Bernero says he’s already talked with GM, and says it wouldn’t have a problem with Volkswagen building a plant in Lansing.

“If they don’t want you in Tennessee believe me we’ll lay down the red carpet. Our arms are wide open and we’d love to have you in Lansing,” said Bernero.

Well played, Mr. Mayor. Well played, indeed.

Photo by Anne Savage, special to Eclectablog