Bwahahahahaha, Michigan Republicans, Tea Party — November 6, 2013 at 12:11 pm

Disgraced/recalled homophobic Troy Mayor Janice Daniels loses bid for City Council seat


And STAY out!

As I reported back in August disgraced former Troy mayor Janice Daniels was on the ballot yesterday for one of three seats on the Troy city council. Daniels, a known homophobic tea partier who was recalled from office in 2012 after only a year in office, was rejected again by voters, this time coming in fourth place. She received only 11.33% of the vote.

Janice Daniels inspects…something…
at a 2012 AFP rally in Romulus

It was a victory for sanity for Troy. The only question remaining is whether Ms. Daniels will take “get the hell out of here” for an answer. If the past is prelude to the future, sadly, she won’t.

[CC photo credit: rbieber | Flickr]