Political Ads, Republican-Fail, Republicans, Tea Party — November 13, 2013 at 12:27 pm

DCCC holding Republicans accountable for not passing new budget to prevent another #GOPshutdown


What’s the hold-up, Mr. Boehner?

In about 60 days, the current agreement to keep our federal government funded will run out. This sets the country up for another battle with tea party Republicans dead-set on repealing the Affordable Care Act. With the power of the Republican-led House of Representatives apparently in the hands of Senator Ted Cruz, there is, apparently, no appetite for Congressional Republicans to move on this and pass a budget that will keep the federal government open for business

Today, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is launching a paid Facebook campaign calling out 32 Republicans across the country for their dereliction of duty. Three of them are here in Michigan: Tim Walberg (7th District), Dan Benishek (1st District), and Kerry Bentivolio (11th District).

Emily Bittner of the DCCC released this statement:

These House Republicans learned nothing from their last showdown, and while the American people want them to work together on solutions, they haven’t passed a budget that gives up on the irresponsible demand to defund the Affordable Care Act – leading to another reckless shutdown. With only 60 days until the Republican Congress brings us another government shutdown, when will these House Republicans give up their Tea Party demands and back a commonsense budget that takes a balanced approach?

A plurality of Americans hold Republicans responsible for the last GOP shutdown debacle which cost the country billions of dollars in lost economic activity. It’s time for them to put away the anti-Obamacare signs and the anti-Obamacare rhetoric and do their damn jobs. Our economy can’t tolerate another self-inflicted bodyslam perpetrated by reckless Republicans.

Call them out.