Fundraiser, War on Women — October 10, 2013 at 9:00 am

National Money Bomb for Wendy Davis for Texas Governor – #GiveToWendy #StandWithTXWomen


Texas is changing and YOU can be a part of that

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At the risk of competing with our own Eclectablog fundraiser this week, we are participating in a National Money Bomb for Texas Senator Wendy Davis who is running for governor in the Lone Star State. We’re joining Burnt Orange Report, Feministing, The Rude Pundit, and many others to raise money for this exciting candidate.

On the evening of June 25th and into the early morning hours of June 26th, Anne and I sat in bed with our computers in our laps, riveted by the drama of Wendy Davis’s incredible filibuster in support of women’s reproductive freedom in Texas. Her filibuster, though it was successful in stopping that particular vote and bill, was eventually unsuccessful in stopping the anti-Choice warriors in the War on Women and, in the end, Governor Rick Perry did sign legislation that makes is nearly impossible to get a safe, legal abortion in Texas.

But Wendy Davis stood up to the anti-women bullies. She showed courage and tenacity and leadership in the face of fierce adversity. She showed that she is fearless in her battle to fight for the rights of those who are being trampled by conservative dogma and those with a blatant corporatist agenda.

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Wendy Davis stood with and for the women of Texas and now it’s time for us to stand with her. And, lest you think she doesn’t have a chance, recent polling has her within single digits of her Republican challenger.

In other words, she CAN do this.

Today you can be part of that by making a donation to the Wendy Davis for Texas Governor campaign.

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You can track our progress throughout the day by checking this fundraising goal thermometer:

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Please spread the word about the Wendy Davis money bomb. Share this post on your Facebook page and tweet it with the hashtag “#GiveToWendy”.

Texas is changing. The old guard won’t go quickly or quietly but as sure as the sun rises every day, Texas will one day be blue. Help be a part of that by joining us here at Eclectablog making a contribution to Wendy Davis for Texas Governor.