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Introducing our newest Eclectablog contributor: Gary Abud, Jr. – Michigan 2013-2014 Teacher of the Year


Who better to discuss education issues than the Teacher of the Year?!

I am honored and exceedingly pleased to announce Eclectablog’s newest contributor, Michigan 2013-2014 Teacher of the Year Gary Abud, Jr. I normally introduce new contributors with an interview but Gary and I have already done an extensive interview (which you can read HERE.)

Gary and I first connected when I learned that the corporatist group Mackinac Center for Public Policy was exploiting his status as the Teacher of the Year to suggest that Gary was not being paid enough because of his union. Without his permission, the Mackinac Center did a Freedom of Information Act request to learn details of Gary’s salary and then published an anti-union piece that dramatically distorted his position. The story caught fire in the conservative blogosphere and made the rounds. With each new post, it seemed, the story became less and less accurate. I reached out to Gary to tell his side of the story and our interview was the result.

Gary is a a science teacher at Grosse Pointe North High School. His approach to education is based on science and the most contemporary techniques for teaching available. As any reader of Eclectablog knows, I am passionate about education and outraged at the disrespect shown to our educators in Michigan. It is very exciting to have someone with Gary’s credentials writing about education on our site. He will be contributing several essays a month.

You can read more from Gary at his blog and by following him on Twitter at @Mr_Abud.

Please join me in welcoming Gary Abud, Jr. to Eclectablog.