Gary Peters, Michigan Democrats, Michigan Republicans, Polls — October 16, 2013 at 12:53 pm

#GOPshutdown is killing Republican chances in 2014: Gary Peters and Pam Byrnes surge in polls


Thank you, tea party. May we have some more?

Photos by Anne C. Savage, special to Eclectablog

As horrible as it is, the Republican shutdown of the U.S. government does have a silver lining: it’s positively KILLING Republicans’ chances of being winning in November of 2014. Two new polls show both Pam Byrnes, running for the 7th District Congressional seat against Tea Partarian Tim Walberg, and Congressman Gary Peters, running for the U.S. Senate against Terri Lynn Land (unless the GOP can find someone they actually like) are looking better and better thanks to the Republican Follies.

MIRS News Service reports that Walberg has a slim one-point lead, 43 to 42 percent over Byrnes in a poll with a margin of error of 4.6 percent. Given that Walberg is the incumbent and Byrnes just announced her candidacy recently, this is woefully bad news for one of the more odious Republicans in Congress. Walberg is feeling, too. He took to the conservative editorial page of the Detroit News this week in a lame attempt to change public opinion on the Republican shutdown. In the 7th District, according to MIRS, voters disapprove of the shutdown by an astonishing 59-33%.

A recent PPP poll has similarly good news for Democrat Gary Peters who has a 7-point lead over the “I guess we’ll have to settle for her” Republican candidate Terri Lynn Land:

In Michigan’s open seat race Democrat Gary Peters leads Republican Terri Lynn Land 43/36. Voters are opposed to the shutdown by a 65/27 margin, and when voters are informed that Peters stood against the shutdown in the House his lead expands to 50/36.

Now it’s up to us to keep reminding the voters in Michigan that Republicans own this hostage taking travesty. 13 months from now, it’s essential that it’s still on their minds. That’s an eternity in politics. Let’s make sure they don’t forget.