Events, Michigan Republicans, Organizing For America — August 14, 2013 at 12:12 pm

EVENT: OFA goes after Tim Walberg for his climate change denialism


Please, Congressman, join the rest of us in the reality-based world

I’m going to break my rule about promoting OFA events today because this one is aimed directly at Congressman Tim Walberg, my “representative” and someone I want to see go down in flames in November 2014 when Pam Byrnes cleans his clock in the 7th District.

Organizing for America is awarding Tim Walberg a “Climate Denier Award” for his backwards, anti-science position on human-made climate change and for “exceptional extremism in ignoring the overwhelming judgment of science”:

Today, all across the country, people are telling their members of Congress that it’s not OK to deny the science behind climate change.

There are 135 climate change deniers in Congress — elected officials who refuse to believe that climate change is real, manmade, and dangerous — and according to our records, Tim Walberg is one of them. Today, we want everyone pointing and laughing at these folks.

It’s easy to join in. Can you help by sharing something on Twitter or Facebook?

They are asking folks to share the image at the top of this post on Facebook and to send the following tweet to Congressman Walberg:

.@RepWalberg: Today @OFA is giving you a #ClimateDenierAward: Why do you deny the science on climate change?

Additionally, OFA is hosting an climate change forum in Dexter, Michigan on August 20th where they will talk about the science of climate change and why it is so important that all of us understand the reality of what it means to us and our planet.

Climate Change: The Science and What It Means to You

On Tuesday, August 20th two prominent climate researchers from the University of Michigan, Professors Henry Pollack and Christopher Poulsen, will present an introduction to the science of climate change and discuss its implications globally and locally. In addition, Andrew Hoffman, Professor of Sustainable Enterprise in the Ross School of Business, will explore the difficulty American society has had coming to a consensus on climate change. The forum, entitled “Climate Change: The Science and What It Means to You”, will be held Tuesday, August 20 from 7 to 8:30 PM at the Dexter District Library. Sponsored by Organizing for Action Washtenaw.

It’s important that everyone in the 7th District and in the Districts “represented” by other climate change denying Neanderthals have the facts and let their friends and neighbors know it’s time for science to be an essential part of our state and national policy making.

So long as backwards thinking people like Tim Walberg are in charge, that, sadly, will not be the case.