Michigan Republicans, Tea Party — August 14, 2013 at 10:00 am

Disgraced and recalled tea party Troy mayor Janice Daniels is running for Troy City Council


Go away, Janice. Just. Go. Away.

Former Troy, Michigan mayor Janice Daniels was recalled from office last year. Her public homophobic statements, incomprehensible tea party rants at public meetings, and damage to the local economy by impeding a major public transportation hub from being built in Troy all led the citizens there to unceremoniously toss her out of office.

You can read my extensive coverage of this tea party train wreck HERE.

But, in typical “can’t take ‘get the hell out of here’ for an answer” fashion, Daniels is back and running for City Council again. Here’s the candidate list for the November 5th election:

Click image for a large version

It takes a LOT to get recalled. It’s extremely difficult to get enough people out to the polls to vote you out of office. But Janice Daniels succeeded in doing just that.

It’s truly hard to image that the people of Troy are going to make the mistake of putting her in office again. Perhaps losing that election will be enough for her to finally get the message that Troy citizens have absolutely no use for her and her tea part insanity/inanity.

Knowing her, it probably won’t.

Photo by Chris Savage | Eclectablog