LGBT, Michigan Democrats — June 24, 2013 at 6:42 pm

Michigan House Dems introduce marriage equality legislation


The people are leading their “leaders”

This afternoon, a coalition of LGBT leaders and Michigan House Democrats announced package of legislation that will repeal the ban same-sex marriage in Michigan, a position supported by a majority of Michiganders.

According to a statement by House Dems, the package of legislation involves two bills and a resolution:

The first piece in the legislative package is a house joint resolution that would amend Michigan’s constitution to allow same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriage was banned in Michigan in 2004. The second bill amends the foreign marriage act by removing the prohibition against same-sex marriage allowing marriages solemnized in other states to be recognized in Michigan, while the third bill makes other necessary changes directly to Michigan’s marriage laws. The final piece is a resolution calling on the U.S. Congress to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and respect equality for all U.S. citizens.

Ann Arbor Rep. Jeff Irwin posted the picture on the right of a coalition of Washtenaw County residents supporting the move to his Facebook page and said, “Today, I stood with colleagues Sam Singh, Rudy Hobbs, Kate Segal, Adam Zemke and Andy Schor to announce the introduction of legislation that will grant all citizens in Michigan the freedom to marry the person they love.

“We were joined by supporters from across Michigan when we made our announcement on the Capitol lawn. Here is a picture of our Washtenaw delegation. — with Austin Blair, Stephanie White, Sandi Smith, Adam Frederick and Brad O’Conner.”

You can see more photos from the event HERE.

Equality Michigan released this statement:

Equality Michigan is proud to be working with Michigan’s elected leaders to advance recognition of committed and loving same-gender relationships,” said Emily Dievendorf, managing director of Equality Michigan, who participated in today’s announcement. “The Democratic leaders who will introduce these marriage equality bills recognize the importance of Michigan standing on the right side of history in regards to the rights of our lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) citizens. Michigan’s voters will no longer tolerate second-class treatment of LGBT families. Enough is enough, and Representatives Singh, Hobbs, Irwin, and Segal deserve credit for helping lead the charge.

The Supreme Court was expected to announce its rulings on at least one of two LGBT cases in front of them today. This, unfortunately, did not happen. Nonetheless, with polling in Michigan showing widespread support for marriage equality, there is a real opportunity right now for bipartisan support for this legislation.

Democratic Rep. Sam Singh put it this way:

There is clear momentum across the country on this issue. Michigan cannot afford to lag behind as other states open their doors to all families. We need to attract the best and the brightest, and that means welcoming everyone. It is hard to encourage talented people and their families to move and work in Michigan when they’re denied the ability to take care of each other

Rep. Segal said that marriage is about protecting our families. “All children deserve security and stability at home,” she said, “All couples who are in a loving and committed relationship deserve the same legal protections that my husband and I enjoy. Marriage equality is a step forward that will have an incredibly positive impact on countless Michigan children and strengthen all of our families.”

[Graphic provided by Equality Michigan]