Labor, Michigan Republicans, Petition — December 6, 2012 at 6:31 am

PETITION: Unions ARE Democracy & Freedom. Stop GOP attacks on unions in Michigan, say NO to “Right to Work” for Less.


Forming a more perfect union

Republican attacks on labor unions are, perhaps, one of the most hypocritical positions that they have. As they hold the U.S. Constitution aloft and bow down in solemn reverence to the Declaration of Independence, they seem to forget a couple of key things.

First, our country is, at its very core, a UNION. We are the UNITED States of America. We work together for the common good of all of our citizens, at least when we’re doing it right.

Second, one of our most basic tenets, right there in the 1st Amendment, is the right to peaceably assemble.

Labor unions are one of the purest expressions of democracy and freedom in this country, a fact that is often lost in the discussion. I want to remind our legislators of this so I started a petition called “Unions ARE Democracy. Unions ARE Freedom. Stop Republican attacks on unions in Michigan, say NO to ‘Right to Work’ for Less.

Republicans in Michigan are trying jam through legislation that will destroy a fundamental example of democracy and freedom in America: labor unions. So-called Right to Work laws are the Right to Work for Less. Workers in Right To Work states are paid less, have worse benefits, are injured more on the job and are less healthy. Tell your representatives to say NO to anti-democratic Right to Work laws and YES to freedom.

You can sign my petition HERE. My goal is 5,000 signatures but I’m hoping it will go higher than that.

Once you’ve signed the petition, please share it with your friends on Twitter and Facebook. It’s time to remind our lawmakers that unions are a positive thing in America. They protect our workers and help EVERY worker by ensuring better wages & benefits and safer working conditions for everyone. Let’s not forget that it was the unions that brought us the five-day work week.