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Michigan Capitol Building full of anti-Right to Work protesters by 9:30 a.m. (VIDEO & PHOTOS)


THIS is what democracy looks like

Via my good friend Abby Clark, a photo and video from the Michigan Capitol Building this morning. It’s already full of anti-Right to Work protesters by 9:30 a.m.

As Abby puts it, “This is a nightmare that should be getting national meda attention. Michigan is the birthplace of the American middle class as we know it and it’s facing an existential threat as retribution for Proposal 2 and the results of the November 6th elections.”

I couldn’t have put it better myself.

I’ll add more as I get stuff. Call it “remote live-blogging”.

Meanwhile, sign my petition HERE.

Meanwhile, the Detroit Free Press is reporting that Governor Snyder and the Republicans will unveil their anti-labor bills at 11 a.m.

Gov. Rick Snyder and the two Republican leaders in the Legislature are expected to outline plans to pass right-to-work legislation in Michigan at an 11 a.m. news conference today.

Snyder is to be joined at the news conference, described as a “media roundtable,” by Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville and House Speaker Jase Bolger.

Details were not disclosed, but right-to-work legislation is expected to begin moving in the Legislature today. Rather than introducing a new bill, which under the rules of the Legislature would take longer to pass, lawmakers are expected to introduce a substitute for a House bill that is already in the legislative pipeline.

From the Michigan AFL-CIO:

From Rep. Barb Byrum:

From Working America:

The House Democrats will hold a press conference at 11:30:

Let the People Decide: So-Called Right to Work Should be on the Ballot

Affected working people should get to vote on their future

Please note the change of time and location.

(Lansing) Outside of the Romney Building today, workers will call on legislators to put so-called Right to Work legislation on the ballot, rather than forcing this controversial proposal though during the lame duck session.

Michigan citizens, our friends and neighbors, should make this critical decision.

Even after adjusting for factors such as cost of living, workers in Right to Work States make an average of $1,500 less per year. They are also less likely to have pension or health care benefits.

What: Press Conference at the Rotunda
Where: George W. Romney Building, 111 South Capitol Ave., Lansing
Who: A Broad Coalition of Community, Faith and Labor Organizations
When: Today (12/5/12) at 11:30 AM

Love the location they chose ; )

From the Michigan AFL-CIO:

From ArunaJain11: