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GREAT Election News from Michigan!! (with videos)


Oh, what a difference 2 years makes

In addition to Michigan delivering its 16 electoral votes to Pres. Obama by 54 to 45% and re-electing Debbie Stabenow to the Senate by a whopping 20 point margin, there’s a lot of additional great news for Democrats & progressives here in Mitt Romney’s (original) home state:

(For some backstory on the EFM, here’s Rachel Maddow giving a breakdown):

(You may remember her from this amazing “West Wing Reunion” video posted which went viral on YouTube recently):

(Here’s Daniels acting like a complete asshole while supposedly HONORING one of her citizens):

(If you don’t remember the reference, here’s a reminder):

Jim Nash (strong advocate of renewables & strong opponent of fracking) had a surprise win as he was elected Water Resources Commissioner, beating a multi-year GOP incumbent!

County Treasurer Andy Meisner, who won the landmark first-in-the-nation lawsuit against Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for local taxpayers, won re-election, as did County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper.

And, on a more personal level, here in Bloomfield Hills, Ingrid Day, Howard Baron & Rob Herner won their respective School Board seats. While these truly are non-partisan positions (and I have no clue what any of their politics are on other issues), this DOES mean that our long-awaited new High School that I wrote about last spring should *finally* proceed with construction smoothly without any crazy grandstanding.

Now, on the downside, the other two progressive Supreme Court candidates, Connie Kelley and Shelia Johnson, both lost, so the GOP keeps control of the court. Also, Proposals 2, 3 and 4 (re. collective bargaining / renewable energy / home healthcare workers) went down in flames, which is disappointing. Finally, in MI-11, nutbag Kerry Bentivolio easily beat Dr. Syed Taj and Dem Gary McDowell appears to have lost by a hair to incumbent GOPper Dan Benishek.

Still, there was a *lot* to be happy about in the Wolverine state. Let’s enjoy it today, ‘cus tomorrow the hard work starts all over again.