Racism — October 24, 2012 at 3:54 pm

This racist snowbilly was almost our Vice President – Palin tweets that Obama is using “Shuck & Jive”


It’s truly frightening how close to the Vice Presidency, and with John McCain’s advanced age, the actual Presidency, Sarah Palin was. While there has been little doubt over the past four years that she’s unqualified, she seems to go out of her way to prove how dangerous she would have been in a position of national power.

While there has always been an undercurrent of racism in her remarks about and attitude toward President Obama, today she tore down the curtain to reveal her true racist self.

How? With this tweet:

Shuck & Jive. Here’s what Shuck & Jive is:

Shuckin’ and jivin’ (or shucking and jiving) is an American slang term for the behavior of joking and acting facetiously. The term can also refer to the speech and behavioral mechanisms adopted in the presence of an authoritative figure. Shuckin’ and jivin’ usually involves clever lies and impromptu storytelling, used to one-up an opponent or avoid punishment. Such behavior is believed to have originated in the era of slavery.

It’s common knowledge that this term refers to the slaves from the era of our national shame. Politicians get in trouble for using the phrase from time to time. Even Democrat and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo got in hot water when he used the term in an oblique reference to President Obama.

It’s not that I’m surprised by this or that it means anything at all in the course of this campaign. It doesn’t. Sarah Palin is irrelevant and anyone listening to her hates President Obama already. She is, frankly, not worthy of cleaning the dog shit off his shoes, much less be taken seriously when she speaks about our POTUS, particularly in the realm of foreign policy.

What this does is harden my outrage at John McCain for choosing her in the first place. Once he did that, once he put our country in that sort of potential peril, he should have been immediately disqualified from contention. Every voter in the country should have instantly turned their back on him with firm knowledge that he was and is without the wisdom and judgment needed to lead our country, even as a Senator.

[Palin photo by Chris Savage | Eclectablog]