Michigan — October 24, 2012 at 7:13 am

Tea Party Troy Mayor Janice Daniels disrespects Distinguished Citizen awardee Mary Kerwin, arguing with her during award ceremony


Janice Daniels: too stupid to govern

Tea Party Mayor of Troy, Michigan and all around embarrassment to the state of Michigan Janice Daniels is in the news again for once again displaying an astonishing level of ineptitude and stupidity. I have written about Daniels multiple times in the past and it’s hard to say which of the highly offensive and insulting things that she has done is the worst. This instance certainly must be a top contender.

The story starts when Mary Kerwin was given the Troy Distinguished Citizen Award by the community service group Leadership Troy. They have been giving out this award to deserving members of the Troy community for over 40 years. This year’s award recipient is Kerwin, a former Mayor Pro Tem and City Council member, who is the group’s secretary. Here’s the Mission Statement of Leadership Troy so that you can get a sense of what they do and what they are about, an important aspect to this story:

Leadership Troy consists of representatives from various community organizations, businesses, and individuals that strive to promote Troy community improvement programs, the exchange of community information, and provide a venue to recognize volunteers and corporate citizens that positively impact the quality of life in Troy.

Leadership Troy is a 501.c4 not for profit organization. Since 1993, Leadership Troy has been serving as Troy’s Community Connection by keeping community organizations informed of what each is doing in Troy and individuals aware of volunteer opportunities . It has implemented Troy Futures Report ideas like Ethni-City and the North Woodward Community Foundation. Leadership Troy has conducted many Public Forums that have focused on such diverse topics as the Proposed Transit Center, The Future of the Troy Public Library, Arts in Troy, Green Design, Wireless Oakland, Technology and You, Programs that work for Vulnerable Youth and Get the Facts on Savings and Investing. Leadership Troy has also organized the annual Troy Community Awards Banquet where the Distinguished Citizen Award, the Business Community Appreciation Award, the Spirit of America Award and Community Organizations Volunteers of the Year are honored.

It’s no wonder that Leadership Troy selected Kerwin for this honor. When you learn about her contributions to the City and local community, it makes you wonder why a statue has not been erected in her honor. From the Leadership Troy statement about her award:

Leadership Troy is proud to announce the 2012 Troy Distinguished Citizen. The honoree is Mary Kerwin. She will be honored at the October 17 44th Annual Community Awards Banquet at the St.Nicholas Greek Cultural Center.

Mary’s volunteer efforts through St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church include Lector, Eucharistic Minister, Women’s Fellowship, Funeral Luncheons and she has worked in RC1A and Catechetical programs.

Her efforts on behalf of the Troy School District include working on many Troy Board committees, volunteered as HOSTS mentor, served as PTA President at Hamilton and PTO President at Smith and Parliamentarian for the PTA/PTO Presidents’ Council. Mary organized the first Family Fun Night at Smith. She served on THS Booster Board, and the District School Improvement Team. Mary also served eight years on the Troy Board of Education, holding all offices, and she was recognized for outstanding leadership by county, state and national organizations.

Mary’s commitment to the Community includes serving as President for the Women Officials Network, MSU Extension Leadership Council Chair and on the State Council. She is a longtime member of Leadership Troy, League of Women Voters, Troy Community Coalition, Friends of the Troy Public Library and Troy Historical Society. She works part-time as Development and Special Events Director for the Boys & Girls Club of Troy (B&GCT) and as Consultant/Instructor for Michigan Association of School Boards and University of Michigan-Dearborn Institute for Local Government. Beyond her part-time work for B&GCT, Mary has also volunteered on a number of B&GCT projects to provide a positive and safe place for young people.

Mary’s dedicated commitment to the City includes being an Alumna of the Troy Citizens Academy, served on Troy Futures Task Force Image and Feel and Lifestyle committees, served two years on Troy Planning Commission – one year as Vice-Chair, served four years on Troy City Council – one year as Mayor Pro Tem. Mary is also President of the MML Elected Officials Academy.

Like I said, the woman deserves a statue.

The City of Troy chose to recognize Mary Kerwin’s award with a “Proclamation of Recognition” at their City Council meeting on Monday. That’s when things got bizarre. Mayor Daniels prefaced the reading of the Proclamation by announcing that Kerwin had received the award from “the Democrat [sic] Club”, inferring that it was some sort of political group.

“This a Proclamation that was given to Mary Kerwin in recognition of being given the Democrat Club Troy Citizen for 2012 — Distinguished Citizen for 2012,” she announced.

Kerwin then corrected her, saying, “No, it’s not the Democratic Club. It’s Distinguished Citizen of the Year for Troy.”

Daniels then walked off the sanity cliff: “This was given to you by the Democrat Club my understanding is. But, let me read it please. ‘Whereas Mary Kerwin has built a solid –‘”

“That’s not true, Janice,” Kerwin once again tried to explain, pointing to the Proclamation the mayor held in her hand. “Janice, read what it says at the top.”

“Proclamation in Recognition of Mary Kerwin, Troy’s Distinguished Citizen of the Year for 2012,” Daniels read. “As I saw in the paper, was given to you at the Democrat Club. That’s all I was mentioning.”

Meeting attendees tried to correct Daniels but she was unstoppable, saying “Excuse me, excuse me. Let me read it please. Whereas ….”

Mary Kerwin tried once again to correct the mayor. “It was at Leadership Troy’s Community Awards Banquet which has been held since 1969.” Daniels attempted to interrupt her but she continued with dignity and grace, in sharp contrast to the idiotic woman standing next to her.

“Since 1969, every year someone’s been chosen.”

“May I read it to you, Mrs. Kerwin?” Daniels asked.

“If you read it correctly,” Kerwin responded, again pointing to the title of the Proclamation.

Daniels went on to spend the next three minutes reading the Proclamation. You can read it yourself HERE (pdf) and I encourage you to do so. Again, after you do, you’ll want to help collect money for that statue.

Here’s the video of the exchange from the Troy Patch:

So, what was all this about? Well, it turns out that, in addition to being one of the top volunteers and community organizers in Troy, Mary Kerwin wants to serve her community as a State Legislator and is running for the 41st State House District seat. As a Democrat.

So Janice Daniels clearly figured that there is no way a Democrat could be recognized for serving her community unless it was by the local “Democrat Club”.

You can help Mary Kerwin represent Troy, Michigan in the respectable way it deserves to represented by making a donation to her campaign HERE. My understanding is that her opponent Martin Howrylak, another tea partier who has been described as “a young Tom McMillin”, is running offensive ads attacking this pillar of Troy. The race is close so any help you can give her will help to stop the tea party takeover of the city and return it to sane, rational people.

One more thing: if you live in Troy, you can wipe away the embarrassing stain on your fine city that is Janice Daniels by voting to recall her on November 6th. Information on the recall effort being waged against the blot on our state can be found HERE.