Tea Party Troy Mayor Janice Daniels disrespects Distinguished Citizen awardee Mary Kerwin, arguing with her during award ceremony

Janice Daniels: too stupid to govern

Tea Party Mayor of Troy, Michigan and all around embarrassment to the state of Michigan, Janice Daniels, is in the news again for once again displaying an astonishing level of ineptitude and stupidity. I have written about Daniels multiple times in the past and it’s hard to say which of the highly offensive and insulting things that she has done is the worst. This instance certainly must be a top contender.

At a recent ceremony to recognize an amazing community member, Mary Kerwin, she chose instead to disrespect her by arguing with her before presenting her a Proclamation of Recognition for being the Troy Distinguished Citizen of the Year for 2012.

I’m not kidding. More after the jump.

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