Lies, Michigan — October 31, 2012 at 12:01 pm

Out-of-state conservative group interferes in Michigan’s Supreme Court race, targets McCormack – UPDATED


The desperation is palpable

An out-of-state group known as the “Judicial Crisis Network” is spending $1 million in Michigan to attack Supreme Court front-runner Bridget Mary McCormack. After you read my interview with her HERE, you’ll quickly realize that she’s a candidate perfectly suited for the Supreme Court. The now-viral West Wing ad released by her campaign gave her name recognition not usually seen with candidates for the bench. As I said in my interview, she’s the real deal, running a real campaign and she’s going to win.

However, that’s only true if we get out the vote for her, along with Connie Marie Kelley (interview HERE) and Shelia Johnson (interview HERE.) The most recent Detroit Free Press poll shows that an astonishing 75% or more of Michigan voters are undecided in the Supreme Court races (one partial term where Johnson is the candidate and two full-term seats where Kelley and McCormack are on the ballot.)

We simply must spread the word on these three incredible women. We must tell our friends, our coworkers, our family — anyone who will listen — that these three women represent the best choice for Michigan’s future.

The ad buy from the conservative out-of-state group (you can read a bit about their history HERE) is about what you would expect: a low-brow attack on McCormack, comically characterizing her as a terrorist sympathizer, of all things. This accusation against the daughter of a Marine is truly laughable.

They held a press conference to announce the ad buy and one of the participants was the notorious former state Representative, failed Congressional candidate, failed Senate candidate and well-known birther Andrew “Rocky” Raczkowski.

We cannot allow these extremist groups, especially from outside of our state, to play any role whatsoever in the future of Michigan. The good news is that we have the ability to make sure they don’t: by voting and making sure everyone within our sphere of influence votes for Bridget McCormack, Connie Kelley, and Shelia Johnson on the non-partisan part of the ballot.

REMEMBER: VOTING A STRAIGHT PARTY TICKET WILL NOT INCLUDE A VOTE FOR THESE WOMEN. You must turn your ballot over and vote in the two Supreme Court races, as well.

Need help with the non-partisan races? Have a look at the Eclectablog Voters Guide (link is HERE.) You can print it off and it actually has TWO guides on one page so you can cut it in two and share one with someone else.

So, it’s game on, folks. We need your help and we need it now. Make sure to tell everyone you know:

“Don’t give your ballot back until you’ve voted for Johnson, Kelley and McCormack”.

UPDATE: Professor McCormack’s father released the following statement:

I’m Bridget’s dad. I served my country as a United States Marine. I raised my family to believe in the values that we all share and hold dear. Now my oldest daughter is running for the Michigan Supreme Court to honor her commitment to public service.

I am so proud of her career representing people that so often would not have had a voice without her help. Her work honors my service to my country as a Marine.

Politics is a nasty business. And as a father I can tell you, it hurts me to see her incredible work and patriotic values be smeared by big money special interests and Super PACs.

She has worked so hard and the election is now just 6 days away – which is why these special interest groups are just now coming out of the shadows.

I am proud of Bridget, and I hope you’ll join me by chipping in now and helping her fight back against this smear campaign.

Bill McCormack