Michigan — October 29, 2012 at 6:32 pm

Mich Supreme Court candidate Bridget McCormack’s West Wing video blooper outtakes + last ad


We need to educate our friends, relatives and coworkers!

The Detroit Free Press released an astonishing poll recently that showed that in the two Supreme Court races, one for a partial term and one with two seats open for full terms, more than 75% of voters are undecided. Three-quarters of the voters don’t know who to vote for. Of course, Eclectablog readers know:

  • Bridget Mary McCormack — full term (interview)
  • Connie Marie Kelley — full term (interview)
  • Shelia Johnson — partial term (interview)

Now it’s time to share this information with as many Michiganders as you can. One of doing that, of course, is to print out the Eclectablog Voters Guide (pdf) and hand it out widely.

As your reward, I present you with the the bloopers and outtakes from Bridget McCormack’s massively viral West Wing public service announcement:

Also, here is her final ad for the 2012 campaign:

Please, folks, we have to get these three dynamite ladies elected. So much of what happens in the future in Michigan depends on it.