Michigan, Michigan Democrats — October 15, 2012 at 12:06 pm

Mark Maynard interviews Dr. Syed Taj, candidate for Congress in MI-11


Mark Maynard interviews Dr. Syed Taj, Candidate for Congress in MI-11

An excellent candidate interviewed by an excellent blogger

Ypsilanti blogger (and my good friend) Mark Maynard of the most-excellent MarkMaynard.com recently interviewed Dr. Syed Taj, candidate for Michigan’s 11th Congressional District. After Thaddeus McCotter resigned his seat in disgrace after his campaign staff engaged in egregious election fraud, Dr. Taj found himself in a race against Tea Party activist Kerry Bentivolio and white supremacist Daniel Johnson. Dr. Taj is an excellent Democrat and, with some good fortune and good Democratic turnout, is likely to be the next Congressman from MI-11.

Here is Part 1 of Mark’s interview with Dr. Taj. Click through to his post, Syed Taj on the separation of church and state, going up against extremist conservative candidates, and running for the House of Representatives as a Muslim, for Parts 2 & 3 along with Mark’s fine write-up. It’s a must-read for voters in southeast Michigan.

Again, the rest of this excellent interview is HERE.