Labor — August 13, 2012 at 12:13 pm

Working America’s “Dear David” initiative comes to Eclectablog


You are NOT alone!

As I wrote about back in July, our friends at Working America have launched the “Dear David” campaign where workers, unionized or not, can get answers to their labor and work-related questions.

In today’s workplace, it can be hard to know what your rights are-and where to turn when your boss goes too far.I’m here to help. I’m David Wehde, Working America’s organizing director, and I’m happy to let you know we’ve just launched Dear David-your best source for answers to your tough workplace questions.

Are you looking for answers to your problems at work? Send me a question today.

Too often, we feel like there are no options when we’re mistreated at work-that we’re powerless and on our own. Now, as organizing director, I’m here to help, with real advice for today’s workforce.

Ask me anything-how to deal with an unsafe workplace, verbal abuse from a supervisor, or not getting everything you’ve earned in your paycheck. I’ll help you figure out what your rights are and empower you to fix difficult problems.

You deserve dignity and fair treatment at work-and you’re not alone.

You’ve got problems. We’ve got solutions.

Send me your questions today!

Well, now you can access the “Dear David” website directly from their widget on Eclectablog. Just click through on the widget at the top of the right sidebar to see answers to questions others have asked or to ask one of your own. The response to their project has been fantastic with nearly 200 questions submitted since it began.

We here at Eclectablog are thrilled to be participating in this initiative and that Working America is a sponsor of this site.