Labor — July 19, 2012 at 11:08 am

Working America launches new “Dear David” site where workers can get answers to questions about their rights


You are NOT alone!

Working America, the 3-million strong group supporting American workers (not just unionized workers — ALL workers), has introduced a new website called “Dear David”. In today’s work environment, it’s often tough to know what your rights are as a worker and it’s even tougher to know where to turn to get answers to those questions.

“Dear David” is intended to change that. From their recent announcement:

In today’s workplace, it can be hard to know what your rights are-and where to turn when your boss goes too far.I’m here to help. I’m David Wehde, Working America’s organizing director, and I’m happy to let you know we’ve just launched Dear David-your best source for answers to your tough workplace questions.

Are you looking for answers to your problems at work? Send me a question today.

Too often, we feel like there are no options when we’re mistreated at work-that we’re powerless and on our own. Now, as organizing director, I’m here to help, with real advice for today’s workforce.

Ask me anything-how to deal with an unsafe workplace, verbal abuse from a supervisor, or not getting everything you’ve earned in your paycheck. I’ll help you figure out what your rights are and empower you to fix difficult problems.

You deserve dignity and fair treatment at work-and you’re not alone.

You’ve got problems. We’ve got solutions.

Send me your questions today!

Here’s more from Working America’s press release on the website launch:

“Dear David”— named for Working America Organizing Director David Wehde, who will respond to letters on a regular basis—aims to fill a gap in the world of advice giving.“Whether it’s long hours, a bad boss or crummy pay, I have seen firsthand how working people, especially in this economy, feel isolated and alone,” said Wehde, a longtime organizer. “The reality is that lots of us are experiencing the same kinds of problems.”

In the spirit of iconic columns like “Dear Abby,” “Dear David” will offer support on a variety of topics—everything from how to deal with a difficult co-worker to dubious behavior in the workplace. Recent questions include one from a worker whose job hours are too long because the work—and guilt—demands it. Another worker wrote about the difficulty she faced getting time off to see her family out of state.

The column, which is the first of its kind for Working America, will appear online every week.

“This is a way to turn gripes into grievances, pessimism into problem solving,” Wehde said. “Too often, people have been taught to think they have no power, when in fact they not only have power, they have rights. We aim to show them that.”

Workers’ rights are under attack in our country. In every state, there is an organized effort to diminish the position of workers to enhance the bottom lines of the organizations they work for, public or private. Working America is working hard to ensure that workers have a voice and that resources are available so that they can become educated and informed about the issues that affect them.

Got a question about your job? “Ask David”!

[Dear David photo credit: Working America, used with permission.]