LOLGOP — July 17, 2012 at 7:11 am

Tea Party Troy Mayor Janice Daniels’ recall is certified


Facing the music

Despite two absurd attempts to have petition signatures thrown out, Tea party Troy Mayor Janice Daniels will officially face a recall in November.

Daniels, shown right with deejay Thayrone “your audio g-spot will now be massaged by the mink glove of soul” X, challenged the petitions based on corrections not being initialed by the circulator (not required) and because signers didn’t include their zip code (also not required.)

By the way, these two challenges came after her … wait for it … FONT SIZE CHALLENGE!!!

The result of her threefold failure was the following letter, sent to Matthew Binkowski, one of the recall organizers:

Dear Binkowski,

Please be advised the petitions you filed on June 12th, 2012 seeking the recall of Janice Daniels from the office of Mayor — City of Troy contain a sufficient number of valid signatures to call for a recall election. The petitions contain 8,877 valid signatures which exceeds the minimum requirement of 7,985 valid signatures.

In accordance with 168.963(2), a recall election is hereby called to be held on November 6th, 2012.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact our office should you have any questions.


8,877 signatures. That’s significantly more than the 7,709 votes Daniels got when she was elected in November 2011.

At the tea party rally in Belleville this past weekend, Daniels whined that she was being recalled because she “spoke her mind”. Well, once the citizens of Troy got a look inside that not-so-beautiful mind, they realized what a grave mistake they had made and this recall, a constitutionally-sanctioned act of democracy, is the result. Daniels, who appears to worship the constitution as much or more than the average tea partier, hypocritically did everything in her power to thwart that effort.

See you in November, Janice!