Emergency Manager Law, Labor, Public Act 4 — July 5, 2012 at 1:13 pm

Major labor group enters battle to repeal Emergency Manager Law – Michigan AFL-CIO


Welcome! We saved you a seat!

After sitting on the sidelines for over a year in the battle to repeal Public Act 4 — Michigan’s anti-democratic Emergency Manager Law — the Michigan AFL-CIO labor union has now entered the fray. They are participating in a rally at the Michigan Court of Appeals next Wednesday.

It’s still not on the ballot. The Repeal of Public Act 4, the so-called Emergency Manager Law, has been delayed for far too long.

Please join us for an important rally and help make sure that Michigan voters get a chance to decide this critical issue.

When: Wednesday, July 11 at 3 P.M.
Cadillac Place
3020 West Grand Boulevard; Suite 14-300
Detroit, MI 48202-6020

In addition to showing up, you can help by reaching out to your extended social network, including leaders and laymen in your communities of faith. Ask them to participate in and promote this rally.

In Solidarity,
Karla Swift, president

This is terrific news for those who value democracy and voting rights in Michigan. While I have long wished the major labor groups outside of the Michigan Education Association would have been involved earlier in this battle, I’m thrilled at least one of them is getting involved now.

Welcome aboard!