Events — July 4, 2012 at 9:46 am

Detroit to Lansing March for Democracy and Freedom has been postponed


Mission Partially Accomplished

Yesterday, I wrote about the March for Democracy and Freedom being organized by Rev. Charles Williams II and his group, National Action Network – Michigan Chapter. The march was modeled on the Selma to Montgomery civil rights marches of the mid-60s and was in protest of voter suppression legislation passed by Michigan Republicans as well as the anti-democratic Emergency Manager Law, Public Act 4.

Yesterday, Governor Snyder stunned the state by vetoing the three most egregious bills in the election reform package sent to him by the Republican legislators. Based on this, the march has been postponed and Rev. Williams issued the following statement:

“We are glad that Gov Snyder broke from ALEC and the Republican agenda and vetoed the voter suppression laws. So we are postponing the march from Detroit to Lansing. However, we still want to urge Gov. Snyder to order the Secretary of Sate and Board of State Canvassers to meet, and place the many initiatives whose signatures have been certified like Protect Our Jobs and the repeal of Public Act 4 on the ballot.”