Tea Party — June 12, 2012 at 9:37 am

Signatures to recall Troy Tea Party Mayor Janice Daniels will be filed TODAY!


It’s time to knock this crazy train off the rails

Troy, Michigan Mayor Janice “Woohoo” Daniels is facing a recall and today recall organizers from Recall Janice Daniels will turn well over the required 7,985 signatures needed to put her recall on the November ballot.

“Appearing” on the First Shift with Tony Trupiano radio show this morning, organizer Matt Binkowski said the group will turn in roughly 9,300 signatures — a nearly 15% excess. Not only that, the signatures were collected by an astonishing 125 volunteers. He told Trupiano that, two times out of three when organizers presented the petition to someone on the street, they signed it.

Janice Daniels is NOT popular.

In fact, Janice Daniels is an embarrassment to both the city of Troy and to the state of Michigan as a whole. Don’t believe me? Have a look at THIS.

Kudos to the recall organizers. It’s time to take this menace out of office before she can hurt our reputation and hurt people any longer.

You can listen to the podcast of Matt Binkowski’s “appearance” on Tony’s show HERE.