Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility waste tax payer money by taking Emergency Manager font issue to Supreme Court


“Fiscal Responsibility” – I don’t think that means what you think it means

The absurdly named group Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility is taking their disenfranchising and deceitful case regarding the Public Act 4 repeal petition font size to the state Supreme Court.

Keep in mind that they already lost at the Court of Appeals level, including a rejection by the entire 28-judge appeals court panel. The Court of Appeals made it very clear the long-established precedent regarding “substantial compliance” of petitions is governs this case. Taking it to the Supreme Court, and doing so more than two weeks after losing at the Court of Appeals, is nothing but a blatant ploy to run out the clock with the hopes that a decision won’t be made in time to meet the August 27th deadline to put the measure on the November ballot, even if they lost their case. Even if the measure does, by some miracle of judicial expediency, make it onto the ballot, these delays limit the amount of time opponents of the Emergency Manager Law have to get out the vote.

It’s a complete waste of taxpayer money in order to further a right-wing agenda. We, as taxpaying citizens, are being forced to pay for the privilege of seeing a group that claims it’s for “fiscal responsibility” attempt to disenfranchise nearly a quarter million Michigan voters.

Remember this in November when every member of the state House and some Senators are up for election/re-election. Remember which side was fighting the disenfranchisement of Michigan voters and which side did everything in its power to promote a pro-business, pro-privatization, anti-labor union disefranchising political agenda.

And they made YOU pay for it.