Barack Obama, Mitt Romney — May 16, 2012 at 11:13 am

Why Mitt Romney and the GOP Love Debt


Hint: It’s why arsonists love fire

Hiring the GOP to get rid of your debt problem is like hiring the GOP to get rid of your bin Laden problem. It has never worked before and it won’t work now.

Like Paul Ryan, Mitt has used this so-called debt emergency to propose a budget that cuts anything that doesn’t specifically benefit the rich. He then offers the richest Americans more tax breaks on top of the already untenable Bush tax breaks that were supposed to expire before the GOP let the economy become a global financial crisis.

Mitt claims that he’ll pay for some of his tax breaks with offsets—and Mitt, of course, refuses to name one offset. That’s a pretty good sign you don’t actually care about the debt.

But how can I get away with saying Mitt loves debt? That’s a strong charge.

Well, I have evidence. Without serious offsets that he refuses to name, Mitt’s budget would closely resemble Paul Ryan’s budget which leads to bigger deficits than the President’s budget they rail against. Lovely.

Of course the GOP loves the debt. If this debt ever starts to go away, they’ll lose a wonderful excuse to cut anything that benefits poor people.

Democrats know that the GOP loves to use the debt as an excuse. So they hate it.

President Obama, for instance, actually hates debt. How do you know?

He reformed a health care system that had been socialized by Ronald Reagan. He took this mess that costs more and performs worse than the rest of the industrialized world and made it into one that will cover nearly everyone. It will provide preventative care and patient protections while emphasizing personal responsibility. But President Obama would only sign it if these reforms cut more than $1 trillion from the deficit over 20 years.

Like George W. Bush, President Obama added benefits to Medicare. But President Obama paid for the benefits he added, which will lead to further savings as outcomes improve.

Man, that guy hates debt.

But Romney is like Ryan and the House GOP. For them the debt is just a fun excuse to teach poor people a lesson.

For instance, last year the House GOP destabilized global markets to get a debt deal they won’t even honor. This assault on the middle class slowed the recovery, hurt our credit, made life more miserable for the most vulnerable and threatened another recession.

Now that we’re finally creating over a hundred thousand jobs a month, they’re threatening to do the same damn thing again.

This cannot stand. GOP lies cannot drown out our message this time.

3 truths must get out.

  1. The Stimulus worked DESPITE GOP sabotage.
    How else did we suddenly go from losing 800,000 jobs a month to creating them in May of 2009?
  2. The GOP is almost single-handedly responsible for this debt we’ve accumulated.
    And it is still holding middle class tax breaks hostage to keep tax breaks for the rich.
  3. Faked concern about about the debt is designed to freak out the middle class.
    That’s how you get people thinking “the government” is trying to to take away Medicare. That’s Wall Street, pal. Using the fear that conservative economics creates, the GOP tricks voters into giving up the backbone that made America great.

Debt is a boogeyman for the GOP. America has the money to balance our budget easily no matter what Pope Grover Norquist says. Any American that isn’t willing to ask those who can pay to pay what they did in the 90s doesn’t believe in growing the success America makes possible.

The only way to solve our debt crisis is to do a simple thing: put Americans back to work.

So the GOP is doing everything they can to make new jobs scarce and lacking in benefits. Because, better than anyone, Mitt Romney knows that Americans with good jobs aren’t as easy to push around. And Americans with good careers their families can rely on are too secure to vote for anyone who loves debt.