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Ronald Reagan Socialized Medicine in the United States


And he raised taxes nine times…

You want smaller government. You think things were better before drinking water was regulated, before a private business was forced to serve all people, before Social Security, Medicare and the Older Americans Act cut poverty among senior citizens in half.

You think everything that’s gone wrong is because of big government liberals. But it’s big government conservatives who have (purposefully) created a government that can’t pay for its self.

I’m not just talking about Medicare Part D, which literally wasn’t paid for and overpays for drugs as a giveaway to the pharmaceutical industry. I’m talking about how Ronald Reagan socialized medicine when he signed the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act.

This law MANDATES that all emergency rooms in all hospitals that take federal money serve anyone who comes to that emergency room, regardless of his or her ability to pay. And it offers no funding to achieve this mandate, which raises the cost of health care for everyone who can pay.

Yes. Reagan socialized medicine, in the dumbest possible way. Despite paying more for health care than any democracy on earth, 45,000 people still die each year for a lack of insurance.

The smart way to provide health care is to cover everyone. Every industrialized country in the world does this and pays less for health care than we do. But America has the best health care in the world… for the rich. And we always will, because the rich can always pay and benefit from the billions our government spends on research.

Soak in the irony. The man who got into politics to fight things like Medicare, socialized medicine.

The Republican argument will be that he was tricked into it, just as he was tricked into raising taxes and loving jellybeans. I’m sick of Republicans putting Reagan down like that that.

If you give him credit for crushing the Soviets on purpose, give him credit for creating a Soviet-style medical system in the United States.

Luckily, the Affordable Care Act is a vast improvement on this abominable system. And with Medicare Buy-In for All, we’ll be in almost as good shape as the rest of the free world.

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  • Thanes1975


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  • Alan McMillan

    I recently saw a TV advert Ronald Regan made around fifty years ago on the “socialist evils” of socialised medicine and thought it was a great example of hysteria and fear, born of ignorance, masquerading as reasoned argument intended to force people into compliance with a particular world view on the grounds that it was the “patriotic” thing to do.
    We’ve had “socialised medicine”, otherwise known as the National Health Service, in the UK since 1948 but it hardly makes us the Soviet Union.
    It does however make us concerned that everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances, receives whatever healthcare they require when they require it. That’s not Socialism, it’s basic human decency.
    I’ve heard some right-wing American politicians actually say that if people can’t afford health insurance, they should be allowed to die in the street. That attitude is, franky, sick and an affront to civilisation. Interesting that those who agree with it are usually wealthy so-called Christians who could easily afford to contribute extra tax to a fund that would provide healthcare for all. They just choose not to, and then attempt to justify their gross selfishness by portraying tax funded universal healthcare as anti-patriotic and subversive.
    Far from being Christian they are consumed with mean spirited self interest, greed and a breathtaking lack of common humanity.
    I hope Jesus is suitably appalled.

    • That is a viewpoint I wish more shared. Especially “That’s not Socialism, it’s basic human decency.”
      It doesn’t get any more true than that.

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  • Lovely! I just wish everybody with a Reagan Boner would read this though.

    • They won’t believe it anyway. There’s no way Reagan could win the Republican nomination today. That’s not just because he reached his term limit AND he would have to be a zombie to seek it.

  • freddy freedom

    He did some things that people won’t give him credit for, to be sure. However, we don’t live in a democracy.

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  • Doug

    I like this, I just wish “Every industrialized country in the world does this and pays less for health care than we do” and Reagan’s actions on EMTALA/COBRA were cited here. Add citations, and I’ll send my idiot Republican friends to read this!

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  • Gerhard Magnus

    Did you know that Ronald Reagan towards the end of his second term, his brain ravaged by Alzheimer’s disease, could still discuss the philosophy of conservatism with George Will at the White House? True story!

    • freud

      geeez, why not? – conservatism IS a form of demantia!

  • Himanator

    Now what are we going to do about it (besides point fingers in perpetuity)?

  • JIMH

    He signed a HUGE bill, packed with all kinds of issues, this being one…….It was crammed in there…..Yeah, This is how politics works, it would have never made it as a stand-alone bill……..But the way it worked out, the Hospitals are required to dispense care whether they can collect or not, if they don’t recoop anything, their losses are just tacked on to the people that can pay…..So the Government got the For-Profit Hospitals to be the bad guys, when in fact, the Government wrote the Law that mandated this……Typical……and you wonder why Healthcare costs in this Country are sky-rocketing? Tell a for-profit enterprise that they now have to give their services away for FREE….and see what happens…..Let 20+ million ILLEGALS that they have free access to Healthcare in every ER in our Country…..Yeah, no wonder we’re going broke in this Country. Tell Government to stay OUT of our way.,

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  • Some of that money came from federal money and low cost for buiding. Hospitals had to offer free treatment every year until paid.

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  • MerryMarjie

    It’s so refreshing to find a less-than-glowing article about Reagan since he seems to be one of the sacrosanct deities in the GOP, and yet, I tend to think of him as a disaster that already happened. Mental patients were released from hospitals in droves, Vietnam veterans were tossed on the street, savings and loan banks were out of control, and the wealthy were blessed with enormous tax breaks. His second term began to show the dementia patient, and yet, he and Nancy kept that secret and continued to run the country with the help of his henchmen. He should have resigned, but in desperation, the GOP denied Reagan’s worsening condition and hoped he would survive his term. It was another case of deceit and trickery from the conservatives.

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  • xmichaelx

    Preventative medicine is much, much cheaper than emergency care. You could pay for a lifetime of yearly dental cleanings for the price of a root canal, yet Republicans would rather pay for a mouthful of root canals than a single dental cleaning.

    It’s not unlike paying billions for a bank bailout and suffering through a major recession rather then just incorporating proper regulation to begin with. Or waiting for terrorists to attack us before putting locks on cockpit doors (something Washington refused to mandate for decades thanks to the powerful airline lobby).

    This is why there are no conservatives left in the Republican party: SMALL government isn’t the only tenet of conservatism; SMART government should come first.

    • Reagan Conservative

      WOW! More of this and I might punch myself in the stomach. First, what proof do you have that anyone has been able to make preventative medicine work. Of course it sounds great but once you add the SOCIALISM part to it, what PA, MA, Nurse, or any assistant is going to have time to help people be preventative and take of the MAJOR issues, because im sorry dumb a$$ there still going to come.
      Second, your a real moron, it was democrats in the late 90’s that inforced ignorant bank rates and programs for home buyers that caused the major crash of 09′, get a fucken clue!
      Lasty, yes we are still here its just that immigrants and ignorant americans now overshadow the intellectuals that kept this country great for 300 years. Now, we leave it to you morons to screw up!
      Good luck!

      • djc84

        LMAO! So you want to demand proof that preventative medicine caused an emergency issue not to happen? There’s that cons and math thing again. How exactly does one prove a negative? I pretty much learned that wasnt possible in junior-high but you’re an intellectual. LOL! Nobody gives a $hit if if its SOCIALISM! It has to work and be effective. Only your brainwashed con religion states that EVERY SERVICE MUST deliver profit to be worthwhile. We have Medicare in this country because your beloved private insurers were kicking the elderly off of coverage and they would just die. So the government stepped in to fill a gap with SOCIALISM! OOOOOO! Now people dont die. Isnt that a tragedy!? While I agree there will be a supply and demand issue something has to be done and moron cons like yourself have no answers; just what shouldnt be done.

        Then of course only someone as stupid as today’s conservative could possibly blame Dems for the banking crash. Because the crash happens right after deregulation. Just like it did EVERY OTHER TIME a financial market was deregulated. But youre stupid. Your brain doesnt have enough processing power to comprehend that EVERY CON IDEA since Eisenhower has been an ABJECT FAILURE to ALL of society. So you have to say that it was the Dems OVER REGULATION of banks that caused the issue. Forget that it just so happened after the Gram-Leach-Bliley Act (named after 3 con Congressmen) deregulated banks. Oh no! That couldnt be it at all! Its useless even trying to reason with you people! It’s like trying to talk to a dog. You’re trained and you obey and you know no other way. After the Dems put in the New Deal and Glass-Steagall we had no major financial catastrophes for 60 YEARS! Less than a decade after its removal we nearly have the second Great Depression. But your tiny con brain can’t accept your ideological failure.

        There is NO such thing as a conservative intellectual. NONE. They do not exist. Intellectuals think and have the capacity to. Intellectuals listen to new ideas, process them, debate them and come up with ideas on their own. Cons are rabid dogs. No new ideas. No compromise. Nothing else can even be considered remotely accurate if its not based on a con ideology. And those, like you, who think they’re intelligent are the most dangerous of all. That’s how you can somehow come up with the idea that banks that had just been DEREGULATED failed due to over regulation. That doesnt even pass the logic test but since when does that matter to a con? It is your ideology and your ideology ONLY! There is no room for rationality or thought.

        In reality your kind are the scourge of this nation. Bitter. Angry. And too stupid to open your eyes and realize why. You back your low-life con politicians when they say “People need to take responsibility and get a job!” But look the other way when those same low-life cons pass laws that SEND those jobs out of the country and even giving a tax break to the companies who do it! Then you all pass yourselves off as patriotic somehow. You want to be patriotic? You and all of your con kind all get together and just GTFO! Go take over a nation somewhere or go to the south and be allowed to secede. Or just all in unison chug a bottle of Clorox. That would be the most patriotic thing that you could do for the betterment of this nation.

        • Alan McMillan

          Well said!

        • Tim

          Fantastic, particularly the part about the Clorox! I propose we fund the wall between Mexico and Texas but don’t stop at that border – continue all around the Lone Star state until it is completely closed off from the rest of the country and the world. Next move all idiot conservatives into the state of Texas where they can shoot their guns, abolish any form of government, whine about liberals, be as openly racist, homophobic, and sexist as they want. Of course, there will need to be a dome over the entire state to prevent them from polluting the entire country – and we’ll have to remove the handful of intelligent life forms already in Texas! Then, evolution and natural selection (which they don’t believe) will eventually cause the species to become extinct as they will never figure out how to live in harmony with anything animate or inanimate!

      • Jeremy Harris

        Learn to spell & think….then get back to us .thx

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  • Reagan Conservative

    YOu idiots! Reagan put in the EMTALA, Lincoln fought to make African Americans Free, Eisenhower ordered desegregation of blacks in public schools, what more do you idiots not get. Conservatives/Republicans have more HUMAN DECENCY then a democrate ever will.

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  • Screaming Mandrake

    Medicine should NEVER be for profit. People don’t go into medicine to rake in profits, they do so in order to care for the sick. Healthcare costs are skyrocketing because of the insurance companies and frivolous malpractice lawsuits. Get the insurance companies out of the decision-making equation, open up insurance marketplaces (something which many Republican governors REFUSE to do in their states, one way they are trying to block Obamacare. I’m sorry, but did I miss something? Don’t the Republicans stand for the marketplace? But because the idea isn’t theirs, they want to block it), and get the lawyers out of the picture, and you’ll see healthcare costs drop.

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  • Steven Hoffman

    So how is destroying the BEST medical providing system in the world, despite what idiots like M. Moore get the sheeple to believe, going to help. Putting the SAME people who manage the BANKRUPT social security & post office incharge of your medical decisions is suicidal at BEST. England as 1 example of the same program, ambulances drive for hours to TRY to find E.R.`s that are open because the funding for Dr.`s & nurses is cut and E.R.`s are closed !!! Just what you want when you or a loved one has a life threatening emergency !!! Or Canada where the medical imaging equipment is sooo old and out of date that doc`s hardly use it because the resulting images are LESS that 50% accurate- that from a Brit M.D. I personally spoke with. He also told me that those who could afford it bought AMERICAN insurance because they hated their system !

  • Steven Hoffman

    A LITTLE history lesson: First it was CHURCHES that started & PAID for most of the hospitals in the world with FREE care for every one. ref.: Hospitallers. It was socialized medicine that rationed it.

  • HarryLeroy

    Not sure what the point is here, but the person who wrote this probably a proponent of the ACA, which is much, much worse than what Reagan did. Making sure people are not turned away from ERs sounds great, but if you don’t fund it in some way and make sure it is not abused then it just doesn’t work. Watched a special this weekend, and one hospital ER reported that a single individual had visited their ER over 20 times in one month with conditions that could have been handled by a regular doctor visit. But, by law they couldn’t turn the individual away.

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  • Carol

    So you are complaining about medicare look at obamacare how much has that us into debt, do you think that obama paid for it nope it raised our debt now to 20 trillion and raising as we speak. Alan McMillan you must be listening to the liberal press I live here in the US and no one has ever said that they should die in the streets. More like they want us the conservatice christians to die in the street.

  • Shirley L Roy-Poche

    actors memorize, that’s what they do . . . the word discuss means he took part in a conversation . . . if it was recorded in any way, there was a script involved.

  • Wildhare2.0

    I bet Ronnie smoked those Chesterfields without inhaling ! LOL