Protest — April 18, 2012 at 6:37 am

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker “welcomed” to Michigan by nearly 2,000 protesters


You ain’t from around here is you, boy?

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker had quite a day yesterday. First, he was greeted by upwards of 2,000 protesters at an speech for the Illinois Chamber of Commerce. Then, when he got to Michigan, he was greeted by a crowd estimated to be anywhere from 1,300 to nearly 3,000.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was greeted in Michigan by nearly 2,000 union protesters chanting for his recall, but inside the San Marino Club the embattled governor received a standing ovation from GOP faithful cheering his reforms.

The Republican governor is trying to hold onto his job in the aftermath of his successful efforts to curb collective bargaining rights for public employees in Wisconsin.

Outside the banquet hall, throngs of union protesters lined Big Beaver Road, chanting “we are the 99 percent.”

They held signs saying “Stop the Attacks” and “Recall Walker.”

The Detroit Free Press has much more fawning coverage HERE but I can’t bring myself to quote their dreck. The Troy Patch has coverage and photos HERE.

So far as I can tell, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder was not in attendance.

Here are some photos generously provided Eclectablog reader Mariah Schafsnitz. Mariah said officials put the number of protesters at more like 3,000.