Tea Party — April 19, 2012 at 9:32 pm

Most of Associated Press coverage of Obama visit to Michigan was about a few dozen tea partiers


Liberal media, my ass

As I have already written about, yesterday President Obama visited Michigan for a couple of fundraising events. The Associated Press, of course covered the event. How they covered it blew my mind.

Take a look at this article titled “Fans, foes greet Obama, in Mich. for fundraisers”.

307 out of 559 words (54.9%) about the Tea Party protest with a few dozen people out front. 10 out of 18 paragraphs (55.5%).

This, my friends, is your so-called “liberal media”. Nearly 1,000 Obama supporters — a diverse and enthusiastic crowd at a magnificent venue — trumped by a few dozen disgruntled tea partiers on the sidewalk out front.

[CC image credit: Alex Proimos | Flickr]