Michigan — March 13, 2012 at 6:26 am

Tea party supporters of Mayor Janice Daniels of Troy go completely off their nut, file 10 Daniels recall petitions



Tea partiers in Troy, Michigan have pretty much completely lost it, apparently. I retaliation for the recall initiated against Mayor Janice Daniels, they have now filed no less than ten additional recall petitions to muddy up the works.

In response to a recent recall effort against Troy Mayor Janice Daniels, a Troy resident has issued 10 recall petitions in an effort to support Daniels, as well as three serious petitions to recall City Council members who voted in favor of the controversial Troy Transit Center. […]

Among the reasons to recall Daniels, as listed on the petitions filed by [Nicholas ] Cherasaro, are “For wearing tan shoes with a black suit to a council meeting on February 20, 2012,” “For smiling at the public during a city council meeting on February 6, 2010,” and “For having perfect attendance as City of Troy Mayor since elected in November of 2011.”

Other petitions seek to recall Daniels “For wearing a red hat with a red coat at the same time in front of the channel 7 TV cameras,” “For voting for the Troy Public Library to be open on Saturdays to better serve the people of Troy,” and “For going door to door and talking with city residents on their front porches.

I’m told that the same group of people put multiple library proposals on the ballot in 2010 in order to interfere with a millage proposal designed to save the library system. Can’t be having public libraries, apparently. Socialism!

I was pretty crabby about Democrats subverting the democratic process by crossing over to vote for Santorum in the primary a couple of weeks ago but THIS is unbelievable. For a group that claims to nearly worship the constitution, they seem more interested in wiping their feet on it than anything else in Troy.


[Hat tip: KeepTroyStrong.com.]

[Photo credit: official Troy government photo]