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“The Road We’ve Traveled” – Trailer for a 17-minute new documentary on President Obama’s first term


You have to know where you’ve been to know where you’re going

Obama for America, President Obama’s reelection campaign, released a trailer this morning for a new 17-minute documentary on the president’s first term. The film, “The Road We’ve Traveled”, is directed by Davis Guggenheim, the creator of the multi-award-winning film “An Inconvenient Truth”, and narrated by Tom Hanks.

Here’s the trailer:

From a press release by OFA:

Obama for America today released the trailer for a new documentary by award-winning director Davis Guggenheim titled the “Road We’ve Traveled”. The documentary is narrated by Tom Hanks and includes appearances by Vice President Joe Biden, First Lady Michelle Obama, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Elizabeth Warren and others. The film is an opportunity to put into perspective the challenges the country faced when President Obama took office, the tough decisions he made in the face of those challenges and the progress we’ve made in rebuilding an economy that’s meant to last and strengthening and securing our nation.

At the end of the trailer, supporters are encouraged to sign up building our online and on the ground support. Supporters will be able to attend premieres of the documentary on March 15 at Obama for America field offices across the country. Following the premiere, senior strategist David Axelrod will be taking Q&A from supporters using Adobe Connect.

To view the trailer and get more information on President Obama’s record, please visit:

It’s a powerful trailer and gives a good perspective on just how difficult a situation the Obama administration faced when he took office. I’m eager to see the entire thing.

You can sign up to view the film when it is released on March 15th HERE.

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