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Peter Gabriel hammers Rush Limbaugh for using his music during the attack on Sandra Fluke



Peter Gabriel has learned that it was his song “Sledgehammer” that was being played during the segment of Rush Limbaugh’s Hate Show where he said that women like Sandra Fluke who get their contraceptives paid for by their insurance company should film themselves having sex and put it on the internet.

Peter Gabriel is not amused. He issued this statement on Monday afternoon on his Facebook page:

Peter Gabriel has asked that this response be published when he found out that his track ‘Sledgehammer’ has been used on the Rush Limbaugh show:

Peter was appalled to learn that his music was linked to Rush Limbaugh’s extraordinary attack on Sandra Flute. It is obvious from anyone that knows Peter’s work that he would never approve such a use. He has asked his representatives to make sure his music is withdrawn and especially from these unfair aggressive and ignorant comments.

He should have played Ted Nugent. Nugent’s the misogynistic Neanderthal that though this was an appropriate album cover for the prerelease version of his album “Love Grenade” (I’ve kept it small, click it if you want to see this hideous expression of misogyny larger.)

He and Rush would get along just fine, I’m thinking.

By the way, it’s not just me that isn’t accepting Limbaugh’s (non)apology. Sandra Fluke isn’t having it either:

Let me be clear that I think his statments that he made on the air about me have been personal enough so I’d rather not have a personal phone call from him…

Let me just say this and I encourage everyone to look at the statement [the “apology”] in its entirety online. But, what I have to say is that I don’t think that a statement like this, issued saying that his ‘choice of words was not the best’, changes anything. Especially when that statement is issued when he’s under significant pressure from his sponsors who begun to pull their support.